Connecting a network drive

Colleagues tell me how to permanently connect a network share provided by synology nas from coreelec.
In the network for windows it is visible from explorer //
I want to do recording of tv programs for tvheadend. Unless it can be simpler to connect from tvheadend ?
Thank you for your help.

Tvheadend is installed on Coreelec, and the Synology serves me only as an archive for photos and videos, working on the same network.
Are you able to help me mate how to connect these two devices so that I can record from tvheadend to Synology ?
Thank you

You can use the mount command like
create the folder /storage/mnt/synology
mount -t nfs IP-Synology:/folder on synology /storage/mnt/synology -o nolock

@Tim_Taylor Thank you so much for your help mate. Your method works exactly as I wanted.

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