Constant CPU usage

Hi there,

My Khadas VIM3 arrived today and I installed the latest version of CoreELEC to its EMMC. When I login with SSH I see the “dhd_dpc” process constantly using about 40 to 50% CPU of 1 core and “irq/52-meson-am” about 30% of 1 core.

Does anyone know what causes this and how it can be resolved? If any more information is needed to debug this, let me know!

Must be something from wifi. Try to disable it and see if there is any change.

I didn’t have that on my VIM3.

Ah yes, I had a quick search and found it is a process that comes from the Linux Broadcom driver. I have now disabled wireless in Kodi and the process seems to be gone! :slight_smile:


For a bit of extra context, I did use wifi very briefly while setting up the device, that seemed to work fine. When I got it setup at my TV I deleted the wireless network in the connections, but left wifi enabled. That’s when the constant CPU usage appeared.

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