Control Kodi volume through CEC on non-HDMI connected amplifier


I’m running CoreElec (19.3) on an odroid N2 (not +). It’s hooked to my recent tv (samsung q60 - tizen).
I have an old amplifier with only analog inputs. I have it hooked up in two different ways :

  1. Directly from the Odroid’s jack plug.
  2. “indirectly” using the optical plug on the TV, via a optical-to-analog converter.

What I’m trying to achieve : Use the TV remote control to control the volume that comes out of my loudspeakers (don’t care where in the chain this happens).

First approach is by option 1. above.
Since I’m not transferring the sound via the HDMI cable, CEC commands obviously cannot be relayed to the amplifier. Instead, I would like the Odroid/CoreElec to receive the volume up/down commands and change the volume of the signal output to the sound jack plug.
However, this is not happening. When pressing volume keys on the remote, nothing happens.
Is it possible to change some configurations so that Kodi reacts to presses of volume up/down buttons on the remote?

Second option would be via option 2 above. However, correct in assuming that the digital/optical sound output is not “volume controlled”, i.e. that when the TV set is configured to output sound to the optical plug, the signal always has the same strength, which is then supposed to be volume controlled on the amplifier? It seems, that the TV set blocks volume up/down presses when optical output is set.

FIY - everything else works as it should. When the TV outputs to its own speakers, sound from the odroid box is played on the TV, and CEC commands (play/pause/navigation etc) from the TV remote are grabbed/reacted to by the odroid box.


Answering my own question:

By enabling debug-logging and watching the log file, I can see all key-presses, including those from the remote control. The volume buttons on the remote are not received by kodi, so the TV obviously doesn’t forward them.

Also, I learned that coreelec is not able to receive audio from the tv (especially not over the same hdmi plug it is sending audio in the first place).

So to control volume on the amplifier with the tv remote, there is not way around having a HDMI/CEC enabled amplifier. Until I buy one of those, I will just tolerate having a second remote control on my sofa table.

thanks for the awesome information.

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