Convert old S905 into NAS (Wetek Play 2)

I know what you thinking why do you even still have it. But I trust this community so I thought I would ask here first.

I want to convert this box into a minimal NAS (home network only) drive considering it has multiple USB ports. I am not too fussed with the dvb tuner etc. or even HDMI / kodi for that matter. Is there some way I can do this? I remember that some time ago some features were opened up that allowed it to operate similar to dd-wrt (entware?)

Or am I getting my wires mixed?


I have one of these still lying around :slight_smile:
It is doable to have it offer files fairly simply with CE (for other solutions you might want to check elsewhere, i dunno) but to be honest, these things are done for some time now. I had one with a couple of disks plugged into an old CE install and it worked, but…well setup a nas and never looked back. But yeah, plug in some disks and there’s your ‘server’…

If there’s a working version of Armbien for that box then you can run OpenMediaBox as a mini-server.

What add-on or system would you recommend to utilize to make it"Nas" using wp2.

I want to be able write to it as well. Like recording from another room in the house.

Armbian, never really dwelled in there before… will have to do some digging but looks like it needs some part of libre or core in it as well… Got any reliable links to get me started?

OpenMediaVault is a NAS server which sits on top of Armbien/Debian.

Last year I made OpenMediaVault docker for CoreELEC. Maybe could be useful for someone but it needs some manual work for setting paths. If anyone would like to play with it (without much support) let me know.

It’s not a bad idea to convert the WP2 to a NAS. This SoC is supported with mainline. Armbian is not based on magic, actually you can do your own debian based OS with ease. Once you have a kernel booted and a base system you can install what you need. You would work through SSH. You either setup everything manually or install omv there.

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Well, speaking of manually, can I not simply set up a NFS share using entware? And that can act as my NAS? Even if it does have Kodi Running… I am sure there is a way to run coreelec without starting Kodi (for ease )

CE already includes NFS server (no need for using entware).

cp /storage/.config/exports.sample /storage/.config/exports
systemctl restart nfs-server

Disable Kodi

systemctl stop kodi.service
systemctl mask kodi.service

I will give this a shot and report back, it may not be the full fledged server like omv but it serves my purpose

I’m not an expert but maybe using some linux on exroot would be enough solution? I write here cause i have spare Wetek Core. :slight_smile: Not same but may be i couldtake advantage of your work input. :slight_smile:
I use even older Marvell Kirkwood with Debian on USB pendrive. And have smb, nfs servers, webmin, torrent.
Would be nice to move to life old Core. :slight_smile:

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