Copy os from SD to emmc?

I got the Coreelec n2. Want to now transfer the os from the SD card to an emmc. Don’t want to start over.

Is there a proper way to do this so that the emmc will be bootable when done?

Just execute “installtoemmc” in an SSH session and follow the instructions.

Sorry, SSH is greek to me. Thanks for the advice but have not went down that road and every time I do I quit. Have never really used anything linux based.

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There are a number of good tutorials on Youtube about using SSH, using such programs as putty.

You will find it very useful to use and it’s not as difficult as you might think as you can use SSH from within Windows, so no Linux required.

Agreed this thread got me looking around, and it would be helpful to be able to use it some now since I have an N2.

But I would also just like some software that can copy sd cards to sd cards or emmc to sd cards. And remain bootable. I need to do more looking just started here thought it might be a normal thing.

There is no certain way that direct cloning uSD card to eMMC will work satisfactory.
Usually the condition is equal media size…
I do it with Win32 DiskImager on a Windows machine. It copies sector by sector so it does not care or mess what is on selected media, it just clones it.
Use Win32 DiskImager Odroid v.1.3
First you chose file location for saving the image and image name. Then you select “Read” to copy the image from uSD to disk. After that you write that image to eMMC. If both media are the same size the image will boot, hopefully :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for that, if that is the case I will probably just start over since the media is all different sizes.

And don’t be afraid about using SSH. It’s no rocket science and in your special case, you only need one single command without any parameters.

I really have no clue what I’m doing but would like to learn.

Here is one of the many beginner’s guides:

This is for the most common shell (bash).
There are many other shells like csh, zsh, ash, … but the basics are mostly the same.

But you won’t find the command installtoemmc in any of the guides available, because it is a custom script developed by CoreELEC. :wink:

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Then do it the easy way that many always use:
With running and configured CE to your needs on uSD card, make a full backup.
Install new fresh version to eMMC and restore backup.
This way you’ll have identical versions on both media without a fuss :wink:


Yeah I figure that is the easiest way to do it.

So this can go both ways?
I have CE on both eMMC and SD card. I can restore backup made from eMMC to CE running on SD and the other ways around.
Just asking as I like to tinker around, and I have backups from both instances. But this way i can maintain my one “fail safe” backup.

Yes, this method works both ways.

quick question: is mmc should be empty?, is this script will wipe out mmc or i need to do it myself? (now i have official ubuntu image)

This script will wipe out the eMMC, no need to do any extra steps.

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cool thanks for reply

Strange, i just did a full coreelc restore as i was tinkering on another card, and it only seemed to restore the library , every else was as new, weird!

A late note about this because I was facing the same problem.
For me this was the easiest way:

  • Prepare a gparted boot device
  • Connect both cards (SD and eMMC) to a PC
  • Boot with gparted
  • Shrink the storage partition to a size that fits the emmc
  • Copy/paste the two partitions from the SD to the emmc
  • Add the same tags to the emmc boot partition as on the SD card
  • done. All data from SD is migrated to emmc, no need for extra backup/restore