Copying files from iphone to coreelec via samba

I have a problem copying files from iphone to coreelec via samba. I found out on Google that I should add these lines (Configure Samba to Work Better with Mac OS X - SambaWiki) to smb.conf. smb.conf I found /etc/samba/smb.conf it can’t be edited. I edited /run/samba/smb.conf but after the coreelec restart smb.conf was abbot without my changes. Please how do I edit smb.conf?

I use Coreelec 19.4

copy smb.conf to /storage/.config and edit it

Thank you. I did, but I still can’t copy from the iPhone. When trying to copy from Iphone to coreelec, OSStatus error 100093 is displayed. I copied smb.conf (4.2 KB) to /storage/.config.

Try AndFTP from the appstore, simple to use and gets the job done. No files needed to be added at all.

With the FTP app, I don’t have access to all the files on the iPhone. Just photos and a folder of that software. MP3 and documents would first have to be copied to the FTP app folder and then to coreelec via FTP.

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