Core elec Legacy and win 11, network sharing?

Hey all, i am still running the Core elec legacy version as i have 4 boxes in the house and cant bare to go through the 8 hour setup of each device again.

Everything is running fine on all my boxes, but ive just upgraded to wondows 11, and yep, lost nework support yet again.

The only way i ever had it working was to force smbv1 support and any other way was just no deal.

Any idea what i can do?

Samba win 11

I have been using Windows 11 since last year. No SAMBA issues have been noted on my LAN.

Certainly not a Windows or CE bug.

Then i dont understand, nothing has changed on any of my 3 CE Machines, but since going to win 11 i cannot no matter what i do see any of the machines ?

This maybe a stupid comment - but network sharing needs to be enabled in Win11.


HAHA yes it was, ive basically changed a 1000 settings in win 11 to no avail, then came across a strange thing where i noticed i cannot open my router login page either on the pc.

some how developed a strange ip issue, no idea what is going on, but just moved my ip up by one and no everything works. weird as hell.

but now ive broken my tvheadend server, here goes another week lol

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