CoreELEC 19.1-Matrix_rc1 (March 24th, 2021)

CoreELEC 19.1-Matrix_rc1 (March 24th, 2021)

CoreELEC 19.1-Matrix_rc1 is now available. It was a rather short development cycle this time around, which saw the CoreELEC developers focusing on fixing the most common issues reported with the 19.0-Matrix release.

Changes Since 19.0-Matrix:

  • Fixed issues with CEC on screensaver
  • Fixed rare issue with some resolutions not being available
  • Fixed a couple small update issues
  • Updated dav1d to 0.8.2 (This provides best available software decoding of AV1 content)
  • Improved inject_bl301 now supports more boot loader versions
  • Improved handling of older devices for ceemmc
  • Fixed some Bluetooth connection problems


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