CoreELEC 19.2-Matrix_rc2 & Odroid N2

Hello guys,

Until now, my Odroid-N2 was running CoreElec 9.2.7.
Because some issues appeared, I went on forums and discovered 19-2rc2 was available.
To avoid more issues, I installed it from scratch on another SD.
My install was: burn SD then boot (no dtb thing).
then moved advancedsettings (MySQL db) + sources.xml, reinstalled MPDB extension, reconfigured the whole stuff.

At start, it seems to work fine. But in real, the core of the service fails. That means:

  • Trying to play a any video (playing on the 9.2.7) : coreelec dies (process restart)
  • Sometimes without reason : coreelec freezes for a few moment and goes back on again
  • It is impossible to define any scraper with my old sources. Each time it is defined, it is forgotten immediately.

So I tried to solve that by myself before bothering you.

  • I dropped kodi119 database your install migrated from kodi116, as well as kodi116 so no migration is performed
  • Rebooted CoreElec so it creates kodi119.
  • Then push my MPDB scraper + imported by MediaDB exported from CoreElec 9.2.7
  • At this steps, it was looking fine…but only looking.

At end end, it appears my kodi119 database is populated with data BUT CoreElec 19.2 fails to access it any form. It imported data into the database, yes, but it does not use it. Accordingly:

  • I have the movie list choice but cant click on it (since db is considered empty)
  • I dont have movie data with the files list.
  • Finally, once filled again, the database generates side effects where file access (access to source) make kodi process die & restart.

After all this, I erased kodi119 DB and let CoreElec 19.2 fill it. Apparently everything’s fine this way, no more issues until now.

Unforunitely, this means I will have to correct all the discrepencies in the SQL db scripting, but at least you now know importing media or migrationg kodi116 DB fails with Coreelec 19.2rc2.


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