CoreELEC 19.3-Matrix Discussion

The scaling is not nice of the bootlogo. Please try with 1080p is it does work better. 4k will be used for the media playback.

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Nice find! I am just a bit puzzled, as Leia code is the same (apart from Rpi condition), but obviously works within CE 9.2 :thinking:

I briefly checked later removal of global, and cleanup, but especially for GetCPUFrequency() I didnt see any obvious reason why it should affect CPU freq on arm/aarch64…

Would be strange, if it makes way to Amlogic whole time just because defined Rpi target :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, but it was very long day for me and its already night, I will not make any conclusions nor assumptions :slight_smile:

What dtb do I use for m8s plus dvb? I am using /gxl_p231_1g_m8s_dvb.dtb but I don’t see a /dev/adaptor/frontend0.

shouldn’t you be using “gxbb_p200_2G_m8s+_k3_pro”?

S905 and S912 are not supported by Amlogic-NG, and therefore by CoreELEC 19.x.

Isn’t S905D supported?

Maybe we should wait for the mainline kernel support in 5.15 onwards?

This will not happen in our life decade…

S905D is GXL (similar to S905X), therefore it’s supported.
The tuner, on the other hand, may work or it may not.

At 19.3 the Atmos chopping was solved, but sometimes at the transition of the chapter the image is chopped off and the sound goes on. He doesn’t do it anywhere else.

Hi, I installed CoreELEC 19.3-Matrix on my x96 mini successfully, but the remote repeat keys is not working for me. I don’t know if there is something to do to fix it ? Thanks

My 905X3 19.3 Matrix CoreELEC android box play and handle very well 4k movies where my i7 8750H powerful laptop have very poor processing… its like rabbit and turtle but the turtle is the rabbit here ! lol

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Hi, I just upgrade to CE 19.3. But I’m having trouble connecting my CE to my computer via windows explorer even samba is enabled. Besides, the yatse apps for remote control also cant connect to CE. anyone knows whats the problem?

Good evening, I wanted to know if it was possible to use a second playback player like mxplayer on coreelec n2 latest version, thanks.

Only if you do dual-boot with android, don’t get it why you need one more player on CE.

Hello, thanks for the reply in the meantime, because I would like to have a double possibility to choose the player, since mxplayer seems to me a well-made player, with a better performance on my tv than the default kodi player.

Mx Player works only on Android, not on CoreElec. You can install Kodi on Android and then choose which external player to use in Kodi. This cannot be done in CoreElec.

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Va bene, grazie per la risposta

Naah the tuner isn’t supported. This seems a bit strange as the driver is there but the i2c doesn’t seem to be the same in the dtb.

I noticed in playing around with this build that the CEC drivers isn’t switching the TV to the CEC input which used to work reliably on the older 9.2 versions.

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this.

I have successfully installed CE Matrix 19.3 (the ng 4.9 kernel release) on my Beelink MINI MXIII II. However, that’s where most of the success ends.

Here’s what’s not working, but is working in CE 9.2.8:

  • I have a USB drive connected to my router that is served via SMB. I cannot access it, it reports something like “software caused connection abort”. If I try to access my Windows 10 PC’s shares, that does work.
  • I have installed CastagnaIT Netflix add on, only to find that InputStream Helper simply cannot finish downloading Chrome OS to install Widevine DRM. It freezes and reboots CoreElec at some point each and every time.

I have since reverted to 9.2.8 which works flawleslly

Are these issues the result of incompatibility of my box with the CE Matrix 19.3 ng or I did something wrong. Is there another Matrix 19 release of CE that would work, like the 3.14 kernel that teh developers talk about but I cannot find it?


Try on SD card the latest nightly, 19.4. If your Soc is really S905X, shouldn’t be a problem to install 19.3. Also check out the inputstream helper.

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