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With CoreELEC, Kodi GUI doesnt show CPU Frequency information since Matrix (skin hides those labels, if doesnt get CPU freq.)

Its most likely due to changes, which somehow stop using /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpuinfo_cur_freq

Leia: xbmc/CPUInfo.cpp at Leia · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub
Matrix: xbmc/CPUInfo.cpp at Matrix · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub

Is there any hope for patch inside CE? (I dont have time to look at this more deeply yet)

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NIce work guys.
No probs here, Free Guy with the high bitrate plays fine now…

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Wow. That was quick. Looks like I can Can revert back to the main build again rather than my own fork. It was a good learning experience which may help me contribute to the projects properly in the future.

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Where should this CPU Frequency information be in skin?

Propably it will not be only place (I guess in some OSD/debug could be there also), but for sure its in the System Information - Hardware tab (I am using that tab for checking CPU minimum settings when Idle) k18 k19

I was really excited to see a fix for hickups in TrueHD audio in Kodi 19.3. I assume this fix made it into CoreELEC 19.3 as well? Because unfortunately I still get audio hickups after updating CE. I’m running CE on a VIM3.

In the playerprocessinfo, like in this CPU Speed…

It’s normally displayed in CE 19.3_Kodi Matrix.19.3 with default Estuary skin with slightly modded
DialogPlayerProcessInfo.xml: ScreenShot

I have CE19.2 RC3 installed in my Beelink GT-King, and all infos visible, included CPU freq.In playerprocessinfo. Estuary mod v2 skin
$INFO[System.CpuFrequency,$LOCALIZE[13284] ,]

How about your HW info tab?

There is no CPU Freq info, and not in default CE Estuary skin…

well, it is in CE Leia, it dissapeared in CE Matrix, which is what I reporting.
CE Leia:

As you can see in images above, Kodi@win platform has correct CPU both Leia/Matrix, so I think there is something to fix in CE Matrix itself…

It would be nice if someone could check on x86_64 Linux. Because I don’t see this option on LibreELEC running in virtual machine.

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Good point, “pure” linux with Kodi (Kodi or Libreelec) is unfortunatelly platform, which I dont have to try, I just assumed from clean Kodi on Win that Kodi generally is OK itself.

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I’ve downloaded Kodi on my Linux laptop, it’s the latest version on the repository.

From what I see Kodi shows different things on arm/aarch64 than on Linux and Windows. The reason is here: xbmc/GUIWindowSystemInfo.cpp at Matrix · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub

Removing #if gives wanted result:

So it is not CE issue :slight_smile:

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Some corruption in bootup logo on 19.3, for me. Didn’t notice it on 19.2.

See the random coloured dots below the logo? And oddly cropped gradient behind logo? ODroid N2 here. Same after a reboot. My display resolution is set to 4k60 for UI, FWIW.

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