CoreELEC 19 Matrix Discussion (Kodi RC)

Thnx for sharing!

Is any content with HDR10+ then?

Try this:

curl -s -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"Addons.SetAddonEnabled","params":{"addonid":"pvr.hts","enabled":false},"id":1}' http://user:pass@

You have to have webserver “allow remote control via HTTP” enabled in services and substitute “user: pass” for your combinarion

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Or you disconnect the HDMI cable, power up the device and try to connect by SSH.
When connected type systemctl stop kodi.
Then you have time to remove the addon in /storage/.kodi/addons

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Hello guys.
Thanks for your excellent work.
I have the latest matrix nightly installed on my s905x device (beelink mini mxIII II) and I have a little problem with the framerate.
It plays the movie when starting the device with the correct framerate 23,976. after stopping the movie and starting another one the framerate switch to 24. after restarting the device and starting the movie which was previously played with 24 hz the movie starts with the correct framerate 23,976 hz.
I did choose Different options in the framerate switch Settings (start stop / only start).
Did anyone had the same problem?

Let’s see what Team Kodi has to say about it:

This add-on has been marked as broken in the repository: Violation of our piracy policy

@Portisch @Vascobraga thanks, was able to remove pvr.hts. but still same behaviour, kodi starts to home screen but stays in bootloop. i still believe pvr.hts was initiating the behaviour, cause i can see it connecting and immediately disconnecting from tvh, than this described bootloop. i do not see anythng special now in the log, but i am just poor user :slight_smile: hope it helps development…

This was a proof of concept before Christmas. As already mentioned it will only work with Dolby Vision Licensed SoC’s. I tried the N2 and it doesn’t work and I doubt it could ever work or be tricked to work.


Can you copy this advancedsettings.xml to the userdata folder?
advancedsettings.xml (710 Bytes)
It will enable debug logging and debug for libCEC.
The crash log shows libCEC crash on setting the OSD device name.

Just place the file in the userdata folder where the other xml are located and restart the box.
When the error happen again please upload the new crash log, thx.

Forbidden (#403)

tnx what device exactly?

thank you, let me make a test image for you…

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interesting that it has been working fine for awhile, than suddenly after reboot this problem started.
no hurry, wife is occupating the tv on stable CE :slight_smile:

I have no idea why it is crashing without debugging it with GDB.
But I have no idea how to reproduce this crash here locally.
It crashes when libCEC set the OSD device name.

In the test image I dropped the package arm-mem as it’s written for armv6l and armv7l.
But the Amlogic SoC are already a long time armv8l. So maybe there is a difference what may cause this issue.

Please test with this image:

On CE-19 you just can enter /storage/.update and use the megadl tool to download directly on the device.

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same behaviour.

additional info that came to my mind, do not know if useful - if i restore matrix backup that has been working and restore it, it also goes into this bootloop.

if i do clean install, it will work for awhile, than this problem will start w/o changing anything, at least not intentionally.

interesting that nobody else reports this.

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Now the strlen used in kernel fails, no idea how to solve it without local debugging.

don’t bother, just wanted to help development. but it’s challenging me as well, though i have no knowledge :slight_smile:

after it booted to safe mode, i just installed pvr.hts, did the config, started connection to tvh, get refused and bum, imeediate bootloop. i might be wrong and there is nothing in log actually, but i do not believe it is coincidence.


tvh on ubuntu