CoreELEC 19 Matrix Discussion (Kodi RC)

CoreELEC 19 Matrix Discussion thread

Announcement and download: CoreELEC 19 Matrix (Development Release)


Just to point out that Matrix works extremely well in of itself, that is to say that if you just use a basic Kodi install with the core addons provided directly by Team Kodi then Matrix is going to be fine for you.
However if you have a lot of addons and exotic skins installed - most of these will not work until their developers port them to work on Matrix. This may take several months yet. If this is your use case its best not to mess around with Matrix yet.

The reality is that both Leia and Matrix are almost identical functionally so their is little advantage to early adopting Matrix.



That depends on the addons, some are already semi-abandoning Leia like Netflix. Just bug solving from now on, no new features and no major problem solving.
And in the main addons, IPTV Simple Client now has archive support, for instance.


Is there a github branch for this?

Not yet. It’s still early development and there is a lot of reorganizing, active force pushing and rebasing happening. So not really in a state for anybody to make any use of. It will be pushed to the public git once things calm down a little bit.

The release was only meant as a development preview / snapshot. Since there was a lot of interest in trying it.

We realize some may want to build it themselves. In addition to the reasons stated above he build system and how to build has also changed, and is one of the parts that could possibly change again before release. So the developers decided to just do a preview build, for the curious to try. Once we get things finalized we will push source and provide details on how to build the new version. That way we aren’t causing confusion and frustration for anybody trying to follow along at home and build it themselves or add there own personal changes in the mean time.


Thanks for the new version.

I am an Odroid-N2 + user.
Netflix is not working with error 1044.
IPTV sees channels but no video is not working.
Sound passthrough doesn’t work, LPCM 5.1, 7.1 works fine.
Oled-Display does not work.
That’s all my experiences for now.
9.2.5 I think I will continue to be stable.

Netflix is known issue
For other issues logs and more detailed description could help us to identify them

This is a development build, so all information could be useful
IPTV was tested and it works good. May be some addon not updated.

And of course you can use stable release.

Firstly, I just wanted to express continued gratitude to the tireless Devs.

Second, I’ll likely be throwing this on a fresh SD in the near future, purely for the thrill of test driving. Are there any specific points you’d like anyone test driving to muck about with for feedback?

Try using it as you normally use Leia and try to check what is still not at the same level and also point out what you find it’s better in Matrix.

Roger! Thanks.

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I had to try ofcourse. Nice to see the progress.
First thing i noticed is that widevine does not work. Its complaining about not being able to run in 64bit userspace

Did you perform a fresh install or upgraded from a Leia version?

I burned a fresh image and only installed Netflix

Netflix is currently not working but I tested Disney plus, amazon Prime and HBOgo and all are working normally.

OK, i installed another (unofficial) widevine addon which gives the same message.
So, for my use-case its seems to early. Really looking forward to Matrix maturing. Good stuff!

Thanks for the new version.My device Beelink GT King Pro+TBS5520E.I look at satellite broadcasts, it gets stuck at channel crossings.Channel change is too slow.
Pvr İptv Simple is running. Netflix recognizes the user but the video page does not work.

Addons folder in /storage is missing.
Is there any way to get it back via Samba?

Correct, it is missing. Will be added in next images.

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