CoreELEC 20.0-Nexus_alpha2 Discussion

Add -on files with an extension zip are not manually installed.23-08-2022 versions Zip does not recognize files.

True, it is Kodi bug and happens on Windows too.

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@emveepee if everything went well your problem should be fixed with 20220826, please test it.

I am having trouble building it so it will be a while since I did a make clean and I am trying without this kodi-platform: swith to kodi:host dependency · CoreELEC/CoreELEC@28ed536 · GitHub right now since that seem to get further.

Edit: As expected my h264 live tv now plays (and the Kodi zip update works) but I can’t build without undoing the update above.

Yes, there was host/target changes for kodi package. we have already a fix for it.

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CE20 branch should build now.

I have a minor bug, noises on the screen at startup before CE logo appears, for ab. 1 sec

Started with CE 19.5 rc2 (on rc1 was ok) and still there in CE20alpha2 (sm1_s905x3_4g.dtb).

There are multiple possibilities:

  • Ask the vendor for a proper bootloader display init solution
  • Close your eyes for 1 second
  • Use suspend mode
  • Try with 1080p60hz as this is normally hardcoded in bootloader

This issue will be because of the new auto colour depth/space handling. I will think about it, maybe it’s possible to improve it.

I have the same issue
But only on a X96 x3 Box with 4Gb Ram
On my other boxes (x2 4Gb, x2 2Gb,922 4Gb, X3 2Gb) there is no problem

I think somethig is wrong with sm1_s905x3_4g.dtb and
sm1_s905x3_4g_1gbit since 19.5-Matrix_rc2

I can confirm that using sm1_s905x3_4g.dtb from 19.5_rc1 release with latest CE20 nightly, the issue is solved.

More precisely, it works reverting this commit.

The distorted splash on boot?

Yes, though I’m not sure it’s a distorted image.

I wish I could get past the migrating addons screen. I have waited over 30 minutes, with the actively moving 3 dots scrolling along (so its till working), after restoring my Tanix X4 Matrix 19.5 rc2 build of some 20 or 30 commonly used addons on my X4 box.

How long do I need to wait or should I just pull the plug as the shut down button on remote does not work at this stage.

Yes it was stuck I needed to SSH into the box and issue a reboot command. Found this in an old topic back with migrating addons to CoreELEC 8 would you believe. Quite an obvious logical solution. Found one addon was incomparable and disabled and that was the RAR Archive addon which I see I can now update to a latest compatible with Nexus working version.

So almost all is running nicely on my Tanix X4 with the latest nightly build of 29th August. However, I have found ( and the same with 19.5 rc2) that on this Tanix X4 box my IPTV service buffers a lot whereas it does not with 19.5 rc2 on my Tanix TX5 Deluxe S905X3 box. Maybe it is because the X4 only has a standard100MB LAN port whereas the TX5 Deluxe has a gigabit port. Though surely the KODI speed test on my X4 shows between 60 and 90 Mbps which should be fast enough for streaming FHD IPTV live and catchup too. Anyone got any ideas on this one ??

All else streams fine on the X4 box in KODI and IPTV is okay when run in Android so the LAN port is fine but maybe the LAN Ethernet drivers in latest CoreELEC are not quite right ???.

Latest nigthly 20220831 has a fix for listing samba shares. Can someone try to list them just by using \\IP-address to see if list of shares comes up?

Yes, it works
Thank you

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Yes, great samba is working.

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Thanks for reporting. Long time needed for this fix :frowning:


Files with M3U extension cannot be read.

Thanks for reporting. Long time needed for this fix

thank you now i can use again my arm test device :slight_smile: