CoreELEC 20 HDR playback broken?

have switched to new hardware and have installed CoreELEC 20.
In doing so I realized that the Plex plugin for Kodi is badly maintained so was thinking of stop using Plex

However when I use Plex(forked with fixes) addon in CoreELEC 20 HDR playback work.
When mounting the same mkv file with nfs and playback directly in Kodi HDR does not work.

Do you have todo something magic to get HDR to work in Kodi/CoreELEC? Can’t really find anything when googling. Since it’s working in Plex addon, it’s atleast not an hardware issue.

Not really sure if this is an Kodi or CoreELEC issue or if it’s just me missing something.

Running on an Odroid N2+.

*By working I mean that the HDR icon comes up on my LG C1 tv and the colors look good.

Semi solved: tested with kodi’s sample download and HDR works with sample. So i am guessing my mkv file is broken somehow.

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