CoreELEC 21.0-Omega_alpha1 Amlogic-ng Discussion

I have a problem with Tvheadend HTSP client in 21.0 Omega nightly
If I play a recording and stop at a certain point, I cannot continue watching from the same point later (recording is played back from the beginning)
With 20.1 it works without any problems
Does anyone else have this problem?

Look at the timebar what it does show. I think I have seen this to, not sure what can cause this.
Just stop and start the recording again fix the timestamp again and continue working.

If I plan on only using CoreELEC is there any differences I should be concerned with between the Homatics Box R 4K and Rocktek G2?

My Problem is if i play an recorded file eg. for 5 minutes in the folder recordings
If i play the file again i can choose “Resume from 00:05.02” or “Play from beginning”
but resume dont work
In 20.1 it works

what do people buy? There’s tons of misinformation saying that 32bit and 64bit is supported, what are the recommended boxes for DoVi? why is there no ability to force LLDV on?

the entire information stream here feels bungled.

There is a option to force, LLDV. But only available if the TV support it at all.

I think he means force LLDV (VS10) for all content. I would also like this. You can do this in Android.

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Every single panel that supports HDR supports LLDV. That’s why it’s called player-led DV. Can you add a force option so we can stop using EDID hackers.

Hello CoreELEC people, my name is Eric and I installed the latest version CoreELEC on my S905x streambox. I noticed that only sound channel setting 2.0 works, when I go higher the systems sounds don’t work anymore and also there is no sound when I play the movies from my NAS.
When I set it to 2.0 Channels and activate Audio Passthrough, the audio, including Dobly, works. But there is a catch, when I play a video file with an unsupported audio codec there is no sound and all sound in the S905x is not working anymore until I reboot.

Anyone facing the same problem?

best regards,

Just an idea assuming all settings ok. I have 2 905x2’s (H96 Max) working great :slight_smile:

Try 20230620 nightly from this linky.?

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Thanks I will give it a try :grinning:

Is there anything that we can do as a community to assist the CoreELEC dev team in stabilizing FEL support on the Ugoos AM6B+?

I’m currently (slowly) struggling through getting it up and running in the official thread for that device.

I’m sure that @Portisch would appreciate more input from others with the device!

I have tested the nightly built and same problem. When I play a video file .m2ts with Dolby Audio it works with pass through activated. When I stop the video the audio from the GUI isn’t working anymore and all files without Dolby Audio that I try to play aren’t playing with audio. After switching off and on the GUI sounds work again and so is the audio from the non Dolby videos. Are there other people experiencing this issue?

Souds similar to my problem: CoreELEC 20.1-Nexus Amlogic-ng Discussion - #72 by RuralHunter
This seems to only happen with a very few audio setups. I had an investigation on my case, the problem is caused by this commit: hdmitx: line up handling of 'aud_output_ch' · CoreELEC/linux-amlogic@4d10fe9 · GitHub. My problem is gone when I revert this commit.
@Portisch, can you please check if there could be any culprit with this commit in some rare case?

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From reading the above link,
am I right in thinking I can/should downgrade my Ugoos AM6B from Amlogic-ng-dv omega alpha2 to Nexus Amlogic-ng-dv.
I set update to manual in settings and selected Kodi 20 as instructed but nothing happened.
I’m happy to try a different method to downgrade from Omega to Nexus (DV) but can’t find the Nexus Amlogic-ng-dv download link. Any advice welcome.

I just downloaded the 20.2 update tar, dropped it in the .update folder and fixed some broken addons after reboot.
Got it from here: Releases · CoreELEC/CoreELEC · GitHub

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The new structure will start to be reflected in nightlies tomorrow. It will be implemented in phases.


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