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Pressing OK on my remote to play stream from iPlayer www didn’t work for me. Reading into it on the ne threads, it seems that this is a known problem for various add-ons and I’ll have to wait for Alpha 2 for the fix.

Please correct me if I’m wrong on this, I have thick skin.

It can be fixed in nightlies. We’ll inform when it’s done


To add…

Channel up/down is assigned the same command code as Dpad up/down.

OK Works OK after 20230509 Nightly

Thanks @bazzle. In truth, I’d found this out for myself but I’d not thought to report back. Nightlies are running superbly for me now.

Not sure if this is the right place, but here goes.
Judging from this post I found, it seems like 4:2:0 subsampling mode is not supported as an output for resolutions lower than 2160p59.94 (or actually for framerates lower than 59.94 at any resolution, because I didn’t get the signal in my setup with 1080p24 at 4:2:0 either).

If that is really the case, then maybe non working combinations of resolution/framerate/subsampling should somehow be prevented in the settings menu? Because the change in subsampling is not applied until we also change the resolution, but if no signal is received by the tv - only the resolution is reverted, leaving the 4:2:0 subsampling unchanged, which also results in no signal.

But I’m not sure if such changes in settings behavior can be done by CoreELEC, or that is completely up to Kodi.

The colour subsampling/depth options are not for nothing in display expert settings…

So you will know what you are doing.

fair enough

Report Coreelec 21.0-Omega_alpha1 Amlogic-ng on Beelink GT-King pro with Hisense 55U8hq
Bluetooth adapter - Not Found
service.system.docker - not available

Support resolution
1080p - 120Hz - work
2160 - 60HZ - work

Also 20.1 play better 4k video, than 21
21 has lag when i use remote control for tv (CEC) to command kodi. big lag. 20.1 is perfect
Thank you guys! That is from me!

X96 X4 TV box (S905X4_4GB_64GB_1Gb LAN) running v21.0 Alpha1 release.

Tested for a week. Some issues I can tell now is;

  1. BT adapter not found.
  2. Sometimes during 4K video playback when we disturb playback like skip to certain time, the video becomes not smooth (I assume frame rate drop). Anyhow this symptom disappears when I pause and play again the video :slight_smile:

Kudos to the team. Keep rocking guys. Thanks!

  1. Looking for users with no working WiFi or BT
  2. coreelec:ce_support [CoreELEC Wiki]

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X96 X4 TV box (S905X4_4GB_64GB_1Gb LAN)

20230509 : wifi works!
20230525 : wifi does not work!

the wifi driver has broken in the latest release. please help to fix it.

Thank you. Wish you the best

Our magic ball is broken: read one post above.

First of all big thanks to CE devs for yor effots.
I have installed this DV build on a clean micro sd on the ugoos Am6b plus.
As on the other build P5, P8.1. HDR10+ and HDR HLG play perfectly.
Profile 7 gives the same problems as the other build. Impossible to use.
Many thanks and ready to test whatever you want me to test.

I’ve tested the new DV version on my Minix U22-XJ. Great build, thanks!
I see that the FEL works, the second track is visible, but the playback is unstable. See for example the Power Rangers FEL TEST ST-DL.mp4 sample file. The subtitles are white, but the playback stops at about 37 seconds and you can’t ff/rw/skip. But you can see the second layer nicely in the RPU-FEL TEST ST DL p7 test files.
So you just need to improve the stability and it will be perfect :slight_smile:

I tried with my Ugoos AM6 Plus, but it stucks at Upgrading. Is there something to do, should I upgrade the official firmware or something ?

EDIT: If I use USB, it restarts all the time!

Did you even read the post? Upgrade is not recommend as it can break everything?

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