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Connecting a display via HDMI->DVI adapter still doesn’t work (originally I posted about this problem here, and the last time before the current one here).

Is there any news about whether this problem will be eventually resolved?

No because we don’t have a DVI device anymore. Only HDMI. So nothing new until we get hardware for debugging. I got a HDMI/DVI adapter but no screen with DVI input…

Will it be possible to understand the problem if I provide logs and then test solutions? Attached are 3 logs: one when booting while connected to hdmi->dvi (which results in a corrupted display), another while connected to hdmi (everything is fine), and the last one while not connected to any display. If needed, I can also provide logs from ng for comparison.
tox3_ne_21_dvi (151.4 KB)
tox3_ne_21_hdmi (161.2 KB)
tox3_ne_21_no_display (142.4 KB)

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