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I have a problem with severe jerking from all IP streams from the TVHeadend server (satellit streams have no problem) on all client boxes since Nightly Omega 21 NG 20240320 (Kodi RC2)
If I switch back to Omega 21 NG 20240319 (Kodi RC1) the problem goes away

A test with NO or 20.5 nightly version shows the same behavior

There are no problems on the PC with Kodi 21 RC2

Problem with Streams from TVHeadend (FFmpeg) is fixed with the latest
nightly image

Running rc2 on both my Odroid N2+ , with “file embedded” subtitles when changing the subtitle language the subtitles disappear. When pressing the left key (skipping back) or right key (skipping forward) the subtitles work again. Stopping and starting playback also fixes the issue.

With an external srt no problem.

I am bit confused.
I have now installed the ng-dv version.
Can i update to regular ng version?

Will the dolby vision work with it?

Thank you

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