CoreELEC 8.95.0 release

4 days and no problems encountered for this release. i only use my minix u9-h for watching movie downloads, so i decided to install to internal. its freaking faster and smoother!

salamat! - with :heart: from the philippines

I think you’ll find that most agree that CE has far surpassed Android :roll_eyes:


Curious assertion. Do not make me say what I did not say. Because in reality, it is difficult to affirm that, the 2 being still very far away; each one their qualities and faults. If we stay precise, I’m talking about the graphic aspect. Where the finish of Android Oreo, Netflix, Archos Payer, and others, are much more defined, fluid and detailed than the Kodi interface. (In particular, the compression of the pockets.) Highly visible on a UHD screen. It’s not a negative criticism, just a finding that in my opinion is easy to correct. I have already told Kodi devs this remark.

Wouldn’t dream of it. Let’s just recap on what you did actually say . . .

Try thinking before you write :roll_eyes:

I return the compliment. Reread and stop your contempt. I’m talking about the “GRAPHIC” aspect.

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Your behavior, is not constructive.


I’m new to CoreELEC. I’ve read here that Tanix remote controls are supported out of the box. Is it expected that the remote for Tanix TX3 Mini doesn’t work with this release?


It works out of box.

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thx. that made me replace the device tree. I used one that worked fine with kszak’s port. Switched to the generic one and now it’s fine.

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…anxious for next release…