CoreELEC 8.95.0 release

CoreELEC 8.95.0

CoreELEC 8.95.0 is now available and can be downloaded from our GitHub page here.


  • Kodi v18 Leia (Beta)
  • based on LibreELEC/master (05/08/18)
  • nougat kernel by @kszaq
  • avl6862 dvb driver for KVIM2 and MeCool devices by @afl1
  • open-source wetekdvb driver by @afl1
  • OpenVFD by @TheCoolest *
  • Entware package manager


  • fixed playback of 29.97/59.94 fps interlaced content
  • fixed playback of 3D content
  • fixed VC1 playback and seeking
  • fixed HEVC playback and seeking
  • fixed MPEG2 playback
  • fixed issue where decoding would change from HW>SW
  • fixed BD chapter seeking
  • fixed no PCM audio
  • fixed rewind on Live TV
  • fixed timeshift with TVH HTSP client addon
  • fixed Live TV channel switching delay
  • fixed various DVB drivers and firmware
  • fixed meson-ir timeouts
  • fixed missing dependency error when installing addons
  • fixed keyboards/ mice incorrectly identified as joysticks
  • fixed reboot to internal
  • fixed automatic updating of DTB’s


  • added hardware decoding support for Khadas VTV board
  • added device trees for S905W and Q201 (Gbit) devices
  • added KVIM fan service
  • added option to disable Amlogic noise reduction **
  • added option to disable Amlogic deinterlacing **
  • added option to disable pass-through for DTS-HD HRA **
  • added support for more DVB drivers and firmware
  • added aml-vnc server addon
  • added addon
  • added hyperion GE2D kernel patches
  • added kernel support for IPSec VPN
  • added kernel fixes from OSMC to amports
  • added interlace/progressive to player info screen ***
  • added support for PS3/4 controllers
  • added install to internal support
  • added reboot from internal support
  • default Kodi resolution set to 1080p


  • updated DVB firmware
  • updated u-boot for Odroid C2
  • updated Crazycat and Hauppauge drivers


* OpenVFD driver requires additional configuration available from here and OpenVFD addon available in CoreELEC addons repo to work.
** These options can be changed from the CoreELEC settings menu which will only be visible when expert mode is enabled.
*** Only visible with Estuary skin



Thank you very much.

Best regards…

already updated my minix u9-h, thanks!

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Thanks for the hard work guys… I notice one of the changes is avl6862 dvb driver for KVIM2 and MeCool devices… My MeCool still doesn’t show any DVB devices in TvHeadend however. Happy to work through the issue with someone if needed.

Hi, so we have an official Leia beta tag? I am asking this because I don’t see anything on My concern is if this is an official Kodi beta, because it would mean that the library database version is frozen, which is important for my shared library

It seems that the changelog is a summery of all the changes brought in through 8.90.x to this point and this release brings little new to the mix. That’s fine of course.
[removed (pointless comment)]
Probably will finally migrate from 8.90.2


Don’t know why it broken on your side…
I can search addons and it works good.

Woohoo! Well done!

Thank you so much.

If you think there is a bug then make a post in the appropriate sub-forum, hijacking news is not the place for it.

There is no official beta Tag but the Alpha cycle has ended link, none of our releases contain the official version of Kodi as the version we bundle is modified.

That’s definitely not true, a number of bugs where fixed since the last release link.



Great work ce-team, know that your efforts are much appreciated.


Thanks again CE developers for your continued attention and work on our amlogic devices.

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Thanks, this release is awesome.

Indeed, I only want to say this release has been perfect so far.

I had before CE 8.90.4 and .5 which I was happy with, but now with 8.95 the GUI feels much smoother and responsive. I was surprised because the changelog didn’t show anything to expect improvement in GUI. Although I also did fresh install for 8.95 - maybe that helped.

This new release is just great, all my judder test videos (from 23.976 up to 60 fps) plays just fine on my S912 box, GUI is fluent, I really like every new release…you guys rock !

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I confirm this first impression, this version is superb. Big thanks !

All that’s missing is a UHD interface to compete with Android. :smile:

No, it doesn’t.
If you want UHD interface, talk to the Kodi team.

@TheCoolest it’s not an issue for the Kodi Team, its down to the developers of skins to add support for 4K displays afaik.

Maybe, but I assume they have to add support to trigger HDR.
Either way, we’ve already discussed this, I don’t see a point to devote any more forum space to this. At least for now.

Well that would only be an issue if the skinner uses HDR textures.