CoreELEC 8.95.1 release

Have auto-updates been disabled? Get notifications, but nothing ever downloads. Thanks.

If you think you have a bug to report then please open a thread, versions 8.90.0 and 8.90.1 did not auto update, all others will update after you reboot.

Yes on my S912 :slight_smile: UI is 1080p and my TV reports HDR when i play 4k in 2160p

The calibration issue is CE related, and isn’t fixed.
Specifically the calibration issue is that when the default GUI is set to 60Hz, the calibration settings are not saved after reboot. It’s only in CE, and only with the 60Hz, all other refresh rates work fine.

→ Ricardo_pablo, In System Display settings, if you select a default GUI other than 60Hz (anything except 60Hz, I have mine at 50Hz), then the calibration issue is fixed.

Edit: also you need to use the correct aspect ratio in the settings of your TV, usually called “Just scan”

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It’s already updated with this 8.95.1 release

Thanks for responding. I, embarrassingly, found that out last night, when I tested PBS ThinkTV, that it’s working again and found 2.2.25 was there.

Hello does anybody know how we can boot back to android . Back to NAND . Thank you in advance.