CoreELEC 8.99.2

@CI6N0Z the latest nightly/dev version is the same as this as there has been no changes since the release.

Old versions will not be returning as they contain buggy beta version of Kodi and are no longer compatible with binary addons.

Well, its kinda funny as I’ve tried 7-8 clips and two of them showed 10-bit with the dev version, the other showed 8-bit. With version 8.99.2 all the clips show 8-bit. I’m opening a new thread. The reason for why I asked for an old version is because I know everything worked with 8.95.7 and I would like to see that there are no problems at my end with my hardware

Do you have an with anything in it? And do you have automatic colour space changing turned on?

No, nothing as everything has been working fine for the last months. Kodi is showing the right specs, yet my receiver is saying the information receiving is 24bit (3 * 8-bit) and I can see that it is not 10-bit

Is your GUI set to 1080P @ 60Hz? The auto switch requires a resolution and/or refresh rate switch to change the output mode.

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Yeah, the thread I’ve opened is here: [BUG] Receiver is not accepting 10bit signal after latest update

Removed MyVideos116.db and now I see the Database migration in progress - please wait text again, thanks! How long should this process take?

although not an issue, the latest release there seems to be a delay turning on the cec.

Solved it by running rm -r *MyVideos, in the userdata/Database folder, kodi started as normal I just needed to perfom local databse reset (running emby as database) All good now. Thanks guys!

Could you tell me where can i found settings of remote.conf ? I guess aremote, or something.

I delete file /flash/remote.conf as you guided before. Now my remote doesn’t play well. I need some optimalization eg. repeat time, delay etc.

I am planning on using Coreelec on a Minix U9-H…will automatic updates works through kodi? and what about installtointernal?

Ok, so there are two methods.

When I want to have my remote.conf I choose amremote style ( /storage/.config/remote.conf).
When I use meson-ir style, there is no chance to adjust config with:
repeat_delay =
repeat_peroid =
release_delay =

Am I right??

Yes you can, read the remote thread.

Both should work, but installtointernal is not officially supported.
So you won’t get any help from the developers, if anything isn’t working properly when installed to internal.

Is it only me or has someone else noticed short artifacts from time to time in the 8.99 releases? I haven’t had any with previous ones, but now I get them with different videos (but only once or twice every hour or something like that).

No, I also noticed it in addition to the subtitle problem. I also have a problem of constant stoppages of the image in 720p videos which the freceuncia jumps, I think it is not the correct one since it is put on the screen at 1080 and 50 hz. It happens with all the series

@Tate20, h264 or h265?

Puff I do not know. How could I see it?

It’s available in video file information