CoreELEC 9.03 Odroid N2 audio pass through problems

Good morning, I recently installed CoreELEC 9.03 for newly purchased N2, I connected everything on an EPSON TW6700 projector and on a YAMAHA RX-V765 receiver, I set the parameters to bypass the audio signal from Odroid to YAMAHA, in practice it appears on the receiver’s display only the dolby digital signal although I have enabled both dts and everything else on coreelec, I have tried movies with DTS and DTS HD audio but only dolby digital appears, I don’t understand the problem. Do any of you use this system? Thank you

Sorry I forgot that only audio 2.0 enabled on COREelec works, the other parameters do not work, the sound is distorted.

You have to allow Expert mode in settings to be able allow HD audio passthrough. Audio 2.0 is only workaround for transcoding Multichannel PCM to AC3.

Hi, thanks for the reply, I’ve already done what you tell me, it works only dolby digital and in 2.0, however I don’t understand why the audio can raise it and lower it from audio settings under the video being played, once it was disabled by itself with the passthrough

Make sure you don’t enable sync for display.
CE 9.0.3 is just work fine on N2 as expected.
Either your settings or your AVR cause the above issues.

What would be the synchronization, a long time ago I used LibreELEC with raspberry and it worked, so I don’t think it’s a problem of my YAMAHA.

It may prevent audio passthrough from working on AML.

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Help guys, I tried and tried in every way to activate the audio passtrhough but it doesn’t work, I have a Yamaha rx-v765 I have correctly connected HDMI 1 port to the projector and HDMI 2 to the Odroid N2 but it continues to output PCM audio with both audio Dolby Digital that DTS, I use coreelec 9.03 stable version, someone please have a tutorial or use my own AVR? Thank you

Make sure to turn on the formats your AVR supports.

If I get it right then the box connected to the projector directly.
I don’t think that any projector could passthrough TrueHD to the AVR.
I would turn that off and enable DD transcoding instead.

If Passthrough is disabled, then there are no options to enable DD transcoding or anything else.
@marco, did you disable “Sync playback to display” in Player options ? It should be off for audio passthrough.

I’m talking about TrueHD passthrough…

Where is that option ?
All I have is “TrueHD capable receiver” ON/OFF, and that option is not selectable when psstgrogh is disabled.

‘TrueHD capable receiver’ is ON on the picture above.
That is wrong, it should be ‘TrueHD capable receiver’ is OFF and ‘Enable DD transcoding’ is ON if the N2 connected to the projector.

Thanks a lot guys, I solved by disabling (Synchronize playback to view) on player settings, now it appears all the audio codecs on the display of my YAMAHA including DTS-HD the only one that does not encode is the AAC codec anyway thanks again.

You can enable “Dolby Digital (AC3) transcoding” to get multichannel AAC as multichannel PCM.

OK, I understood wrongly that you suggested to turn off passthrough :slight_smile:

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