CoreELEC 9.2.2 on T95 max(plus) and ceemmc tool

which fork was you using?

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It’s AlexELEC

I am thinking about getting this box. What device tree did you use?

Take a look at our download helper. :wink:

I am having the same problem as the OP with remote and suspend. Has anyone found a fix yet?

[quote=“CoreELEC BL301 Wake-Up feature [inject_bl301] Guides & How-tos, post:1, topic:6321”]
BL301.BIN Injection

Yes i use the BL301.BIN Injection method and activated it from within CoreElec and it works now. But only with the IR remote. It wont work with a WiFi/Bluetooth remote to wake the box.

Wlan/bt is not supported by wakeup.
Only ir, lan, gpio and CEC

What IR code should I use for the T95 max plus?

Edit: Actually works fine via HDMI CEC with my TV now. It goes off and on with it as expected.

Is there a remote.conf needed for this box is should it work out of the, err, box!? :grin:

Got one arriving today and just getting the SD ready and wondering if I need any remote files?

CEC works, but if you want to use the original remote control, you can try this custom made config.
Also included a vfd config for display. (1.8 КБ)


Thanks if I get stuck I’ll give it a whirl. :grinning:

Yes that worked great thanks. The box was pretty easy to set up so recommended although it’s early days but seem stable and fluent in operation.

Got my new T95Max+ yesterday and although it’s fast it does get very hot and then the remote becomes unresponsive, screen freezes and generally becomes useless! So is it just these boxes or are all S905X3 devices running CE suffering this problem? Hey modding isn’t a big deal if it solves the problem but why isn’t the thermal solution better to begin with?

It’s like the manufacturers want us to mod the boxes thereby voiding and warranty!

Will run the box for a few more days but am considering returning it to the jungle place.

Hi PatrickJB, it’s me again :smiley:. If you search you’ll find a thread about thermal modding. In that you’ll see that some (or almost all) of this TV boxes need some kind of modding. I had to apply a small modd to my GT King because the heatsink was almost non existent. Well, I’ve been following your search for the perfect budget device, or not so budget, and I think I can make a summary by this point, in a way to help with all of this. If you buy a cheap S905X3 from, as an example, AliExpress you’ll have a nice soc in a bad enclosure. Then, with the money saved and knowing how horrible the returns policy is in some of those places, you can mod your device without worrying about voiding warranty because you never had a proper one to begin with. In the other hand, if you want a reliable device, with full support from CE Team and with a big (really huge actually) heatsink I can assure you that the N2 is the device of your dreams. You also have the C4, the Khadas VIM’s that have all the accessories to maintain your device sufficiently cool in a passive way.
I can tell you that it’s been quite difficult to keep up with all your posting with different devices when it all goes down to the popular expression “you only get what you pay for”.
Thank you and good luck with your journey.


I take it there are threads here that give a ‘how to’ for setting up SMB’s? Perhaps it’s really simply and I should just go that route? For the record I think the Wifi chip might be what’s over heating as it’s always that which becomes problematic and often when I’m trying to connect via Samba! Of course there could be an issue with the CE addon but perhaps others would have highlighted such an issue?

Will try and avoid Samba and see if the box behaves better. Thanks for you advice and help. :upside_down_face:

I spoke too soon as my remote is playing up again and I’ve got some strange behaviour such as setting to play next video in a series and it doesn’t! Switch skin to confluence and seeing if it males any difference. The temperature doesn’t seem too high,55 degrees, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

EDIT: Trying a soft reset to see if that sorts things out.

Installed to emmc, in dual boot mode, on my T95 MAX+. Much faster and the reason I did this was because after a soft reset I am now rescanning my library which can take forever and can be even slower running from SD. So will let you know if things run smoother. There is a possibility the backup I used caused problems previously as it was from LibreElec Krypton! Yes automatically migrated but that can sometimes be iffy! Anyway will let you know how it all pans out, fingers crossed. :upside_down_face:

Changing the CPU governer from performance to ondemand in the CoreELEC Configuration addon can also help keep temps down a little.

I get an average of at least a 5 degree saving by using it and it hasn’t affected performance.

I do think that restoring backups from other boxes and OS’s can sometimes cause issues, so if you suddenly find yourself in a different position having used backup then consider setting up from scratch, which enables you to spot any issues that can be caused by dodgy addons and configs.

At this rate the jungle place will be removing your from their Christmas card list :laughing:

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Well I’m hoping that the above sorts things out. As for the ceemmc tool I figured it’s pretty safe as long as you go for dual boot and it does make a big difference in speed. Of course for those that don’t run CE from internal I’m not encouraging them to move to internal as it can be a nightmare when it goes wrong but I’m used to the zip you get from an internal install.

As for my jungle returns I would keep the ‘T95 S1’ if I could get it running with CE as even without deinterlacing it was pretty good for 1080p playback. Having said that the refresh rate workaround (in android) was a bit hit and miss.

Anyways my library is scanning pretty quick with CE running from internal so should be up and running in a jiffy. Hey and I’m on ADSL!