CoreELEC 9.2.2 on T95 max(plus) and ceemmc tool

Changing the CPU governer from performance to ondemand in the CoreELEC Configuration addon can also help keep temps down a little.

I get an average of at least a 5 degree saving by using it and it hasn’t affected performance.

I do think that restoring backups from other boxes and OS’s can sometimes cause issues, so if you suddenly find yourself in a different position having used backup then consider setting up from scratch, which enables you to spot any issues that can be caused by dodgy addons and configs.

At this rate the jungle place will be removing your from their Christmas card list :laughing:

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Well I’m hoping that the above sorts things out. As for the ceemmc tool I figured it’s pretty safe as long as you go for dual boot and it does make a big difference in speed. Of course for those that don’t run CE from internal I’m not encouraging them to move to internal as it can be a nightmare when it goes wrong but I’m used to the zip you get from an internal install.

As for my jungle returns I would keep the ‘T95 S1’ if I could get it running with CE as even without deinterlacing it was pretty good for 1080p playback. Having said that the refresh rate workaround (in android) was a bit hit and miss.

Anyways my library is scanning pretty quick with CE running from internal so should be up and running in a jiffy. Hey and I’m on ADSL!

Please enlighten me by pointing me to this N2 device. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is the Odroid N2, for which there is much information about here and a google search will soon enlighten you.

Do so at your own risk.

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I’ve installed to emmc too and all seems to work well. I use aeon nox skin with multiple backgrounds running and the box seems slick and fast. While streaming 1080p the box maybe get a little hot but nothing I feel is worrying. Most audiovisual boxes, cable, dvd etc will heat up to some degree while running.

I’ve had no lock ups freezes etc. Don’t forget, the image for the s905x3 is pretty new, so more and more bugs will be resolved over time.

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I got same box as OP T95 Max Plus S905x3 4GB/32GB 10/100 Ethernet, according with CE Download Helper, its dtb is “sm1_s905x3_4g” I burned img in a sdcard and use a paperclip to the av hole but it alway goes to bootloader menu not to the installation.

any advice? Thanks!

UPD: nevermind, for some reason the box that I have didn’t like sdcard, I successfully boot via USB

It’s possible the uSD wasn’t compatible with box hardware design and/or bootloader. I see this also on Minix U22-XJ, 2 of 5 uSD I have here are not working with the device but they work properly on other devices.

So you may use USB or try another brand/type of uSD.

could you tell me how you installed to the emmc on your T95 Max plus please

im having a few issues



Just using the ceemmc tool.

What issues are you having?

Has anyone else had any trouble getting this box to boot from SD card?

I get stuck at the T95 splash screen - have tried multiple SD cards, multiple methods of booting to recovery and even two different OSs to burn the SD cards.

I am using the recommended device tree.

Same as poster above and fixed by using usb :man_shrugging:t2:

Hi, I’m new in coreELEC, how can I use the config files for the original remote control works ?