Coreelec 9.2.7 No Internet connection

I can see the local network but doesn’t connect with the internet. Time is not updating, using ethernet connection.
Cant install any addon online.
Attached is the log
Is a fresh install,
Device H96+pro S912 (65.1 KB)

According to your logs you have an ip address and a route to your router. There is also an active smb connection also a connection to googles DNS server. I guess it’s something in your setup.

Looks like ssl connection fails thats most likely because your date is incorrect.

Im not sure why stop working, the google dns i add it; since i didnt get any connection with the regular dns so I add the googles

if i use dhcp same situation no connection with internet, and you are right all the dates show is 2014 because is not getting the internet to update the time.

Try to set the date manually then it will get access to the repo’s. There is also a point about ntp servers you can use a publicly available one. Then the time should sync again.

i connect using putty i did a ping and i have connection so im not sure why is not getting the repos.

I told you two times. SSL is time relevant if your box time is even hours off of real time you won’t get a connection. Stop wasting my time if you don’t want help.

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