CoreELEC 9.2 (Kodi 18.x - Leia) with IPTV Archive support

I started reworking the PVR IPTV Simple Client in hopes of getting most or all of the current functionality upstreamed to the official add-on repository.
I already submitted a PR to Kodi which will enable skins to mark channels and programs that are archive capable, sadly it is very late in the development cycle for it to be accepted into Kodi v18, but it should make it in one way or another into v19. While we wait, I hope that the most important part of this addition will make it into CE after we finalize the PR.

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looks good, Thanks again for taking this on, this is a big step forward for iptv simple client and kodi itself!!!

This makes watching IPTV so much better. I’ve been using TVHeadend to get timeshift and the box never was quite responsive enough. THANKS!

I’m with alex and found seeking to troublesome, but still manageable. The true problem arises with audio being ahead of the video if you seek too much.

The EPG isn’t showing the nice green button either for channels with [catchup=“default” catchup-source="]. All the channels look the same which is confusing.

Finally, if the guide has no information, than the channel only starts at live. I wonder if there is an easy way to have 30 min increments for channels without guide (or perhaps a second blank xmltv?).

I think that the audio drifting isn’t a side effect of the timeshift itself. Perhaps the streams on the provider’s backend have issues. Mine is not always perfect either, I sometimes get pixelation, video glitches and other issues on archive streams.

The green dots support is not implemented yet. It’s a PR I submitted to Kodi, hopefully it’ll be accepted upstream, but it won’t happen until v19 work begins. Hopefully we can get it into CE before that, but as things stand right now, there are no guarantees for that happening.

Regarding the guide, it’s surely an issue, but I’m not certain that messing with Kodi is the right way to go here. I think that manually adding the missing data into the EPG file is a better option. I think this can be done using a script of some sort or a program.

Great job!
Tested OK with a couple of providers.

Please add PVR IPTV Archive Client in CoreELEC repo to run it on different builds.

We are working on it. There are some last few things we need to decide on and it’ll be merged. Hopefully today or tomorrow.

I don’t have any audio sync issues as well.
No need to add catchup attribute, catchup-source is used only.

working well here too, no sync issues, small issues overall but they are known and i think fixed in coming changes.

I’ll try and use WebGrab to merge IPTV xml with blank 30 min increments when I have time since this is saving a lot of resources vs using TVHeadend.

PVR IPTV Archive Client not available for C2?
Updated to nightbuild 20181106, simple iptv no more working

The code has been merged into the master branch and is now in the latest nightly build. The PVR API has been bumped, so the existing pvr add-ons need to be updated. I’ll post the pvr.iptvarchive add-on later today if we don’t get the repo updated by then.

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Thank you.

Ok. I’m not sure what the status on the nightly add-ons is, but this pvr.iptvarchive will work on the latest nightly build with archive support. The skin changes are also implemented, but they’re only supported on the built-in Estuary skin. (282.0 KB)

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everything is working great here, the green dot is a very nice addition, can i suggest changing the green dot to a clock type icon?

The icon is something that can be replaced later. I think that it’s best to leave the icon design part to whoever is working on the Estuary skin upstream.

that makes sense, is the green dot something i can go find in the filesystem and just change it myself? or does the change need to be made before compiling?

also im not sure if this is in the scope of what your are doing, but in the EPG, if you go back you have to “play programme” to get the archived listing to play and if you just select the channel it goes to real time live tv, a better way might be to automatically “play programme” when you hit the select key if its an archive.

also can you clarify what the “play for epg in live tv mode (using timeshift)” does?

I haven’t tested it, but it may work:
SSH to box, run the following:
cp -r /usr/share/kodi/addons/skin.estuary /storage/.kodi/addons
Then you can navigate to \\CE-Address\Addons\skin.estuary
Create the following paths inside:


In media\icons\pvr place a new PNG named PVR-HasArchive.png image
In media\windows\pvr place a new PNG named archive.png image

Restart Kodi.

So archive support has been added to the nightly builds.
Today’s nightly also includes the nightly addon repo. This means that pvr.iptvarchive is now part of the repo and can be installed from the CoreELEC repository.
Please make sure that you update from the custom archive builds to the latest nightly and make sure that the addon still works like it’s supposed to.
I already updated the first post, and removed the links to the custom builds. They will be taken offline later today, as there is no more need in them.
Please post here if you experience issues with this functionality.


I set up a playlist of and EPG Rewind through the archive works, but I don’t see past episodes in the program. Only current and future. What am I doing wrong?

Please consider an option to not show the green dots in the EPG. In the case of my IPTV provider (Zattoo) each program in the past is always available as a recording. An EPG that is flooded with green dots looks ugly.