Coreelec Addons Server Down?

I believe that is down as I’m not able to install any addons from the coreelec repo.

I believe it is happening only to you. Post Kodi debug log to check.

Thanks, here is my log.

Go to Addons and select CoreELEC repository. Then try to refresh it on Context menu.

The logs show a lot of IP faillures on the local LAN, even connecting to localhost. Maybe it is your VPN if this continues.


Here is the log of me refreshing the repo, as well as trying to install an addon again.

@emveepee I don’t have any VPN connected, but I did remove the wireguard config, as well as openvpn manager just to be sure before generating the above log.

It does appear to be something wrong with my kodi setup though, since when I use a blank kodi profile, I can download addons for the coreelec repo.

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