CoreELEC Amlogic-ng(4.9 kernel) for S905X/S905D/S905W - FunHouse builds

Hi. Is there some way to use as external memory the emmc on le potato? I have armbian installed on emmc and cannot boot from sd with it attached. With only the sd it works great for the things I tested it. Thank you.

Not possible sorry, the bootloader and accompanying scripts that balbes images use are not compatible with CE.

Hi, tanix tx5 working great here, all stable versions had some problems with my tvheadend stream, but this version solved everything.

bugs noticed:
youtube vp9 have some artifacts
Wifi dont work

now that kodi 18.7 is merged could we have an update please :slight_smile:

I’m planning on doing an updated funhouse build some time before the end of the month. There are just some more up coming changes that I’m waiting for, before I make a build.


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Could you tell me what version of kodi you are targeting for the next funhouse build?
I am hoping for V19 as it includes a bug fix for the screen savers that was not backported to V18

V19 is not gonna happen anytime soon on Amlogic.

The next funhouse build will be with kodi 18.7 and will be based on the upcomming CoreELEC 9.2.3 release.

It will pretty much be an amlogic-ng build of CoreELEC 9.2.3 with support for the S905X/S905D/S905W devices.

There will be kodi v19 builds in the future, I’ve just not been that interested in matrix to do any yet.


Since V19 seems to be quite a ways down the road, would you consider backporting a screensaver fix? The issue is that kodi uses the dim screensaver regardless of what has been selected by the user via the GUI when a movie is being played or there is a pop-up.
I was given these two gits which may help with doing that.

I use a black screen screensaver and it works fine during video playback. There’s a setting that needs to be adjusted in the Video settings in Kodi to make it work during video pause.

While the download is down, quick question, does VP9 playback work with these -ng builds? I’m currently running non ng on my lepotato and the only issue I have is that when I start 4k VP9 videos everything is garbled (probably due to sharing the same image with S905 which doesn’t support vp9).

Are you are refering to ‘Use dim if paused during video playback’?
If so it doesn’t work when screensaver ‘Turn Off’ is used.

The author of ‘Turn Off’ referred me to the Gits I provided above.
The issue is resolved in V19, and I was hoping I could get my TV to turn off via CEC in V18.* as we seem to be stuck with it for awhile.

You can see here where the author of Turn off talks about the issue at the end of the thread.

Yes, that’s what I mean. But I guess we’re talking about different screensavers, because I use Black Screen, not turn off.
Black screen works just fine for me.

The black screen saver does not turn off my TVs. I would like to have them turned of via CEC because of the power savings and reduced wear/tear. I am sure I am not the only one who might pause a movie, and become distracted by life. Saving power here and there adds up quickly over time.

Any chance of a backport so the Turn Off screensaver could work again?

CoreELEC already implements the fix linked above, and Turn Off screensaver is not a built-in part of Kodi, so I don’t understand what you expect us to do to fix it.

I will ask the dev of Turn Off if he will come over to this thread. Perhaps if we can get everyone in the same room, we can figure out where the problem actually is, and avoid this circular argument.

Above link to download this image is dead. Please check. Thanks.

It will be available later today. We still didn’t restore this subdomain since the recent server crash.


Okay tested it on a new sd, doesn’t seem to be working. Just in case somebody wants to know in the future

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