CoreELEC Amlogic-ng(4.9 kernel) for S905X/S905D/S905W - FunHouse builds

Change the adapter of the device you use to be at least 3 amps.


Same problem here! No internal adapters on tvheadend
Mecool KI pro with CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2-funhouse_2011.6-Generic

If you look at the first post you’ll see that under “known issues” it’s stated that there is no internal DVB support at this stage.


hi, W95 TV box(s905w) is working fine.

Does that box power off ??

cant boot that version on my tanix tx5, black screen.
any sugestions?

You do have the s905x chip right ?
Not the S905X2
These builds are for the GXL(S905X/S905D/S905W) devices.

Sorry, I posted too soon, was using a customized androidtv rom, just restored to stock, and booted ok (using the update,

@kostaman Tanix TX3 Mini don’t power off (always restart) - tested:

  • remote
  • menu
  • CEC
    Same behavior.

Yeah I know.
It’s been like that even with pre release test images with this Box.
Have to deal with it until the cause is found.

HDR10 metadata (MaxFALL, MaxCLL) and HDR10+ is woking with FunHouse build like OSMC on Vero 4K?

Unknown without a HDFury Vertex.

I can now confirm that MaxCLL/FALL is passed correctly.


Hi. Is there some way to use as external memory the emmc on le potato? I have armbian installed on emmc and cannot boot from sd with it attached. With only the sd it works great for the things I tested it. Thank you.

Not possible sorry, the bootloader and accompanying scripts that balbes images use are not compatible with CE.

Hi, tanix tx5 working great here, all stable versions had some problems with my tvheadend stream, but this version solved everything.

bugs noticed:
youtube vp9 have some artifacts
Wifi dont work

now that kodi 18.7 is merged could we have an update please :slight_smile:

I’m planning on doing an updated funhouse build some time before the end of the month. There are just some more up coming changes that I’m waiting for, before I make a build.


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Could you tell me what version of kodi you are targeting for the next funhouse build?
I am hoping for V19 as it includes a bug fix for the screen savers that was not backported to V18