CoreElec and Kodi- Full version?

I keep running into problems troubleshooting Kodi on my CoreElec 9.2.2, on Odroid N2- 4GB. I know that CoreElec is a stripped down OS ( similar to LibreElec I understand ), but is the Kodi on it actually the real Kodi app, or somehow an embedded, and stripped down version? In researching solutions I keep finding menu items missing or different. I can’t locate a Kodi version number in the System Info… unable to find the “allow third party reposistories”, etc. If Kodi is embedded, is there a way to uninstall and install the full version?

Currently, I’m trying to add DVD iso’s to the library. It can play them, but nothing seems to scan them into the library itself.
I spent a couple of hours today, trying to install Netflix… it fails, asking for xbmc.python v.3.0 … don’t see it in any of the standard repos … YouTube failing too. Ideas?

The reason that you will not find the Kodi name listed in version number is because of the legal rules regarding the use of the Kodi trademark name.

CoreELEC is essentially the core of Kodi with modification and features to enable it to run under the AMLogic hardware platform and customised to some degree to present new features an fixes.

Kodi is open source, meaning that its core elements can be used to create forks such as CE and others.

There is no vanilla official Kodi version for AMlogic boxes, although there is a generic Android version that will also exhibit potential issues running under differing ARM based products.

If you have questions regrding specific areas then you can ask about them hear, as well as research them on the how to section of the forum.

Thanks for that. I am finding, though, that sometimes instructions will say something like “in Kodi 18.6 do the following”, so it’s confusing to find instructions, as I might be using a different version. If I don’t see a menu option “allow third party repos”, does that mean they aren’t allowed, or am I just missing it?

In CE, “unknown sources” are enabled by default.

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To enable “unknown sources”

Settings > System > add-ons > Unknown Sources

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I don’t think Youtube works in Kodi anymore whether full version or not, something to do with API keys. There are videos, ironically on Youtube itself, which show a workaround but it looks complicated.

While I’m here: Any reason the addon ‘opensubtitiles’ doesn’t work anymore? I noticed it seems to require a password recently. If it’s just a case of signing up to get a password that’s fine for those that really require subs, i.e. The deaf and hard of hearing.

There are a few threads about the Youtube api keys and solutions on here.

Opensubtiatles has required a password for quite a while now and it is as simple as signing up and then entering the login details into the addon.

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as for Netflix. Since it asks about python 3.0, you have installed the kodi Matrix version and not the kodi Leia version. Install the castagnait repository.

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If you have the API setup then Youtube is working fine today.


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Thanks to everyone for your help. I spent a couple of hours trying to get the API setup correctly. I’ll try again tonight. Some good information in your replies. For the DVD iso… after creating some .nfo files ( a new thing for me ) they showed up. Every day, I learn something new.