CoreElec and web browsers

The real issue here is that the framebuffer is unique to the hardware and so needs unique coding to make it work. So its not really possible to make a universal web browser to work with the framebuffer.

this is what the x-server or wayland brings to the table - an abstraction layer which isolates the web browser from the hardware layer.


If you’re not aiming for any acceleration or compositing, though, isn’t the framebuffer just an array of pixels?

Ask the team of CE how easy it is to talk directly to the framebuffer. There is no inbuilt management to that address space so you can have multiple subprocesses “possessing” it at any given moment. Then there is the whole issue of creating a unique windowing system to make the web browser work.

The reason that its not done is because its difficult and a functionality that has no real place in a media-center. If this functionality is important then forgo the optimization offered by CE and run Kodi under Android. No one is going to re-invent the wheel for a handful of users.


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