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Hello folks,
I know the question is quite borderline and in many other forums, mainly KODI-related, the discussion has been already developed… But all I found is quite old (+2 years ago), then: do you think it will be possible, in future, to get a functional (non text-based) web browser in CE?

As far as I understood, trying to recap a bit:

  • It seems something is available on x86 platforms but nothing on ARMs;

  • The browser should rely, most probably, on a KODI add-on but requires also something from the OS which current JEOS cannot provide.

From JEOS perspective, just to talk a bit about it, is there something can be done in CE as prerequisite to allow a proper browser addon?


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Did you try Docker? It should work. But to use the Docker you will have to kill KODI. There is also an addon to view websites

Mouseless Web Browser

The only problem is that inputs don’t work


There is a lot of urgency in Web-Browser for arm devices.
If this happens, the devices will use ELEC more and the transition to ELEC will be accelerated.

Best regards…

x86 uses xorg, I believe, which allows you to run windowed applications in Linux.
ARM devices don’t implement any window management systems, which means you can’t run a graphical web browser from Kodi.
As @ilovele already mentioned, your only solution at this time is by using Docker.

Thanks everybody. @TheCoolest, it would theorically possible to integrate xorg/X server in the jeOS ?
In case, the chromium launcher could eventually work?

I can’t answer this with 100% certainty, but from what I understand, ARM Kodi won’t work with a window system.
I assume this is part of the reason why not one has integrated any window systems into ARM OE/LE/CE yet.

Got it, thanks. I wonder if it could be possible to use a framebuffer-based web browser such as netsurf ( in form of add-on.
I might ask to the authors if it might be technically feasible.

According to this thread its working. But without mouse input and hardware acceleration. There is also an addon by awiouy maybe someone is willing to continue the project.

This is possible with CEF. But its not done yet.

Hi folks,
tried to contact Alwin Esch in order to understand whether the KODI web browser project is still active or not, but so far got no response… I guess the project might have been discontinued. :frowning:

I, know, this is older thread, but I’v seen one video, that possible in LE : run chrome browser with addon. Maybe the CE devs can build this addon to CE ? Run Chrome in kodi LE

That’s only possible on x86 devices.

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How about Wayland?
AFAIK Wayland was added to Kodi recently.
Does Wayland supported for Amlogic SoCs?

I’m searching for some form of simple browser support within CE/Kodi to get around an Xfinity sign on issue. My daughter just moved into a new apartment building that offers free wifi, but you still need a valid Xfinity account. It’s rather odd but I’ve seen this setup before at free wifi locations where it seems to connect with no username or password but when you launch a browser you get an Xfinity sing on page. Any solution to be able to get this working for her?

Buy a PC or revert her back to Android.


Not really a user friendly solution but it might be possible to bypass it using curl or similar tool via command line and then have it autorun on boot or via cron. Something similar to what this guy has done for debian jessie. Unfortunately not all the tools required for that are directly available for CE so it would require some modification, assuming it works.

Other possibility would be to try some text-based browser via entware (elinks,lynx etc.).

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please there is a method that allow us to install a web browser on coreelec ?

No. There are no we browsers designed to work directly with the framebuffer.


Well, there are a few… I have no idea how modern they are, though.

See slides 14 and 15 from the “Back to the Linux Framebuffer” presentation from FOSDEM 2020:

Someone should try for example NetSurf in docker. But as you already pointed out the question is how modern this browsers are.

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