CoreElec build for PC?


Is there ane attempt to build live usb for PC? Or support planned? There was old Openelec support as live usb, generic or NVIDIA gpu. As I can see CoreElec is currently available for arm hardware only.

Any plans to support PC/x86 as well? You could say I can install Kodi on PC and no CoreElec required, but I think minimal CoreElec will perform better on older, slow hardware + all CE specific stuff like iptv archive will be available

Could You tell me why You want this ???
CE is running arm based linux kernel using special arm hardware

@Tim_Taylor I explained why, post edited

You don´t understand.

Yes, it is called LibreELEC :innocent:

CoreELEC is a fork of LibreELEC just for Amlogic devices.

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I do understand. CE is available for arm hw. I am asking for plans to add PC support.

But that’s not CoreElec :stuck_out_tongue:

There are no plans for CE on PC.

Change name and splash :slight_smile:

CE on PC doesn´t make sense
Better use a native x86 linux + kodi

One reason, I am missing iptv archive addon on PC. Or maybe there’s another way to install it on LE or on PC Kodi

It’s in Kodi Matrix. I’m not sure if they have nightly builds of that, but if they do, you can use it.

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Do you mean Kodi19 for pc adds iptv archive support in standard Kodi repo? I will check that

Yes, they have

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Libreelec does work well on a PC and I use it sometimes from a bootable flash drive.

It is continually updated on pretty much a daily basis if you follow the Millhouse builds over at the Kodi forums.

There is no reason to use anything other than libreelec on a PC. CE will never port to x86, and it would be wasted duplicated work if it tried.

CE only branched from LE because they refused to maintain support for Amlogic chips.


I compiled CE 9.0 for both PC and RPi2 precisely because of pvr.iptvarchive. Everything works great. Anyone interested - the result is here

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Good catch. But incoming Kodi Matrix will get archive support with new version of standard iptv simple. Almost there. I tested on Android, it works.

“alpha” is not “almost done”. There will be at least RC1 - we will try. In the meantime, everything is very unfinished. Before the release, and even more so in Coreelec, still very far

That’s true. But still good news we will eventually get archive support in vanilla Kodi on all platforms