Coreelec configuration error

unfortunately I was unable to save a log file. but after the update to coreelec 19. i get coreelec configuration error when starting up. addons no longer load and I cannot open coreelec settings. this happens both with update and with new installation. temporarily I use back 9.2.6. on a minix u22. what could be the cause of this?

Do a clean fresh install.

I did already a fresh install.
Instal 2 addons “amber skin” and “vpn manager for open vpn”.
Reboot and again i had the same error.

I am not going to give you the solution, you will have to find it yourself. Think CE 9.2.6 works with kodi 18.9, and CE 19.0 Matrix works with kodi 19.0, they both use absolutely incompatible addons and the addon updates from 18.9 to 19.0 are also absolutely imperfect. For Spanish speakers there is the addon “Luar” that helps transition and update addons from kodi 18.9 to kodi 19.0 but it is also quite imperfect.

I don’t know if the Amber skin and the VPN Manager addon have been updated to kodi 19.0, but most likely one of them is the cause of your problems. Anyway, I can’t tell you more, keep studying. I have not yet updated any of my devices to kodi 19.0 and I also see addon update problems but they are few and easy to fix.

I have done a fresh installation.
without update from kodi 18.9.
amber skin is suitable for kodi 19.
vpn manger even though this is still a beta version.
not sure if this problem is caused by the addons or by corelec itself.
will test again when I have some time free on another USB stick.
all addons i want to use are available for kodi 19.

It’s a problem of your addons. Make a clean install and then coreelec settings should work. Then install your addons step by step and everytime test if ce settings are still working. If not you know the addon breaking it and you can go to your addon developer.

It seems to be a problem with the Amber Skin. Now another skin tested and at first sight it seems to work now

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