CoreELEC EM7680 media player smb problem


I installed properly CE19.4 on my EM7680 madia player.
Network connection is ok no problem anywhere just in one place.
I watch media from NAS but now I can not connect my mediaplayer to my NAS under CE.
Last system LibreELEC working well via SMB and saw NAS but CE does not see via SMB and any other way (FTP, NFS). NFS see IP add of NAS but can not choose it.
If I want to brows NAS give an error message “Software caused connection abort”

I try all of the possibility of SMB1 to SMB3 but not working.

What could be the problem?

As you choose browse the web … then find the option add a network location and enter your Samba details. I am not sure if you do not need a Samba password in CoreElec … but it works for me, i.e. login and password
good luck


I switched off samba pw so it is not needed.
I do that, browse the web and type IP address and login/pw for NAS but give that error message above.
If I reload old firmware this is working (LibreELEC 18.9).
I really do not know what is the problem. I have DS210j NAS, maybe compality problem?

LE8.x is Leia, CE19.4 is Matrix. They are not comparable. Try with password in your samba share.

Solution was to setup SMB both place. What was missing in CE to setup SMB in services/SMB client. This is was not necessary in LE.

The connection to NAS is working now however during updating media library the process freezes all the time without running to the end and have to switch off/on. So media library is difficult to complete.

I have no glue why freeze during media update; hopefully next version solve this issue.

Maybe your box overheats during library update.

On previous system LE was not such problem (overheating, library update). The problem is add-ons not supported anymore (could not update them). This is the reason for update to CE
Now on CE could not finish library update sometime freeze, sometime restart system. Never finished it properly yet.
CPU temp about 72C.

Maybe CE has bugs or my eminent player is older and not fully compatible with CE. EM7680/S905X rev B.

Library update stresses CPU so 72°C can be the cause your problem. Try lib update with a cooled down box, or improvise some additional cooling to finish updating.
CE works quite OK on my old S905X, with modified (DIY) cooling; temp about 55°-60°C.

Thx. After switch on the CPU temp is about 63-66C. This rise to 72-73C during lib update.
I try something to cool back and check how works.

I kept CPU temp under 50C but restart and freezing problem still alive.
So problem is with CE. I hope next version solve this problem.

It probably won’t, do you know why? Because for the rest of us there’s no problem. I use smb server and I don’t have freezing library updates. Do you know what would show what the problem is? A log, please provide logs.


I tried to do it. lib update freezed so i have to switch off/on the EM7680 so I do not know debug info is correct or not.
This is the latest crash log file which i had to upload:

Looks like bad memory:

Apr 21 09:07:49.255742 EM7680[3577]: cp: can't create '/flash/dtb.xml': Read-only file system
Apr 21 09:07:49.285784 EM7680[3578]: failed to load external entity "/flash/dtb.xml"

This should be never happen. So use a new, virgin boot media and do a clean install and try again.

What mean “virgin media boot” and “clean install”? I made media update as it was in instruction; from microSD card with hard reset.

It means took your fresh new sd card and write CoreELEC .img.gz image to it.

OMG, this is is even the worst case!

Please go to the provider of your customized firmware!
CoreELEC do not support such unofficial firmware.

Even the boot scripts aren’t original and modified by your firmware provider!