CoreELEC environment construction method

I want to build a CoreELEC compilation environment to test, please tell me how to build, there is no relevant tutorial, thank you.

I guess you ignored reading the wiki. coreelec:build_ce [CoreELEC Wiki] You just need to do the updates how to build 20 and 21 via reading GitHub

thank you,There is another question, after upgrading the permissions of common users, make execution, prompting the creation of the folder permission is insufficient, is it normal, need to switch to the root environment, chomd 777? @emveepee

I don’t understand the question. During a build the only time I remember needing to run as root is when I manually update the built flash filesystem since it is built to run as root.

You need root identity, but you can not log in with the root account to execute, you must create an ordinary user to add root permission, I go back to su to execute chomd 777 CoreELEC, test it, thank you.

I have solved the compilation related problems, this topic can be closed, thank you for helping me friends.