CoreELEC equivalent to /etc/networks/config

I’ve been used CoreELEC on my box both for AV entertainment and docker platform for a couple of network services. Recently I got myself an Aquantia 5G USB ethernet NIC adaptor. When I plugged it in the USB3.0 port, dmesg shows “usb 1-1.1: Product: Aquantia 5G USB Ethernet Adapter” and ip a shows an added “eth1” device of which the state is down even if the network cable is plugged in the adaptor.

Accoring to Michael Larabel, the driver for Aquantia 5G NIC was added to Linux kernel since v4.21. uname -rs shows the CoreELEC I’m using has a v4.9.269 kernel which should have the driver included. So the next step gotta be assigning IP address which I cannot find the /etc/networks/config as in distros like Debian.

How can I get this working and Is there anything wrong with the steps done?

v4.9.269 < v4.21
But you see eth device so all good.
You need to go into CoreELEC settings in Kodi to assign the IP address. Just like for buildin eth device or wifi.

Thanks for replying. I do ssh most of the time. Got to do that in GUI later.

You are looking for this section.

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