CoreELEC freeze after Video Playback

Hi there, I’ve found something on the topic already but I could not figure out what is wrong and find no help there.

My System is Odroid N2 4GB with CoreElec and below Docker running jellyfin, The system runs fine with some backdrops.

The main problem however is the mentioned freezing after video playback. With the same file, the problem is 100% reproducable.

Log files (Sorry, I can only post two links. So the link gives you all files at once: kodi.log kodi crash logs and kodi old log files - hope this is allright)

I hope these logs are helpful. I skimmed through but since I am not very familiar with programming, debugging and stuff - just a user, I would be very happe if you could help me find out what is going wrong here and why the system freezes.

By the way, it’s just Kodi. I still can access the system via ssh and the docker images are still alive. I can still access my media through jellyfin.

Please tell me what further info you need. I am glad for all the help I can find.

Thank you very very much in advance!

Usually the reason for such behaviour are addons. Do the test without any addon and see if works or not. Then add one by one. I see some errors with Jellyfin which is probably the reason for your issue.

renounce it

…thank you for your replies.

I still hope I can save Jellyfin as it is clearly superior to Kodi’s media managment.

I suppose the problem is with the addons or rather the interaction between jellyfin and kodi. I did not use any non-standard repositories, they are all included in the basic setup. Since I run jellyfin via docker, there should not be any incursion into Kodi from jellyfin, right?

Furthermore, if I want to use jellyfin via Docker which is I think better than the non-docker addin (at least I had problems with the non-docker emby plugin and then switched) I cannot start from a tabula rasa but have to use some addons. Although I have some more installed like youtube, the system runs not many active addons apart from those I need for jellyfin. But the assumption seems sensible: the source is in or with the addons: without jellyfin the problem did not occur.

I assume Kodi want’s do “do something” after playback which it cannot do and therefore is caught in a loop or something. This should be visible in the logs, I suppose. I did not use the full debug mode so maybe there is more info when doing it with debugging active?

Thank you already!

Actually it is the addon who do something nasty. Nothing we can help here: forward the problem to the addon maintainer.

Thank you. Can you hint me to the respective Output in the Log Files where the problem seems to occur? But again, it is not really an addon. As far as I understood Docker correctly. Docker is the addin but not the Jellyfin Server Image. Or is my understanding incorrect?

In any way: thanks for the reply :wink:

Look lines with
As you can see you have two components installed: docker program AND Kodi addon named And this one is faulty.

Thank You! This helps a lot. So the problem is with the Client not the server. I removed the client for now and the same video file now does not freeze Kodi anymore.

This is a good ventage point. Maybe I can find out what the client’s problem is and then use it again.

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