CoreElec freezes on welcome screen

You should plug a USB mouse or keyboard or both to your box before starting to install CoreElec. That way you can have complete control of Kodi during initial setup and later on if you choose…

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But i believe i have to “root” my android box to get access to and extract the “remote.conf” file before i can add it to my SD card? The video shows me how to do this using ESFile Explorer and superuserSU so i was wondering what the best method was to root the box.

Thanks for explaining about the mouse/keyboard, but i still need to sort my remote.

TheCoolest - thanks for the info, but you see the Catch-22: i can’t get past the welcome screen before i sort out the remote :frowning:

I believe that you can copy needed remote.conf in Android from once installed CoreElec, like you can copy Android dtb.img to CoreElec.
First install CE using USB mouse/keyboard, and then move on to solving remote problem :wink:

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Right OK! I’ve finally got past the welcome screen using a mouse, enabled SHH and set a password. But i still can’t see how to copy remote.conf in Android to the CE SD card. Do i root the box and then reflash the original firmware when i’ve done the deed? Or perhaps i should look at the meson-ir instructions again. (How do i “SHH into my device”?)

Well, i seem to have screwed the device. I managed to copy the remote.conf file on to the SD root folder using ES File Explorer and Superuser, but without ‘rooting’ the box. But the remote still didn’t work. Now the machine will boot off the SD card into CE but if i remove the SD and reboot it just gets as far as Magicsee and stalls. Can’t get to the Android home screen and I can’t get the burning tool to recognise it any more either.

If you can navigate ce with a usb kB, you are just about there.
You now need to read a previous post, about how to configure the remote.
Make a note of the IP address
You should be able to use windows explorer to copy correct files to the correct location.
I use coreftplite to do this.
I think you can forget about android for the time being.
I don’t have your device, search the forum to see if anyone else can tell you the correct device tree.

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Thanks but every sentence you have written throws up 2-3 things i don’t understand :frowning:

I have managed to reflash the box. I also managed in Android to copy remote.conf from the NAND to the root of the SD and also to /storage/.config/. But neither worked. This i assume is method 2 (amremote) of the previous post you referred me to?

Are you now saying i should try method 1 (meson -ir)? I would love to but i’m stuck on the first instruction because i don’t know what it means. How do i “ SHH into my device ”? If someone would just explain what this means i could maybe get started on this method.

I found my IP address but why do i need it? What are the “correct files”? None of the ‘remote files’ seems right for my device. But are you suggesting i try some of these using coreftplite to communicate between my PC and my device?

With regard to the device trees, I have used gxl_p212_2g.dtb which i assume is the correct one or i would not have got as far as the welcome screen, would I? Or are you suggesting that a wrong device tree could be the cause of the problem rather than the remote?

EDIT: I installed coreftplite on my windows laptop and i believe i have “SHH’d into my device” :slight_smile:
Could anyone possibly tell me how to stop Kodi and eventlircd using the commands given?

Hi again.

I’m not convinced that coreftplite is actualy for SSH. Looks like a file transfer program to me. To SSH into box, download and run Putty from here…

After running, type the IP address of your box into the “host name or ip address” box of Putty and click “open”. Click “Yes” to the security alert. Login as root, password is coreelec or whatever you set it to.

The commands to stop Kodi and eventlircd will now work.

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Hi Daaave - i am actually connected via coreftplite. What is really throwing me is where people say things like “type in the following command…” My question is: where? Where do i type in all these commands; which application on which device? I’m sure it’s a really stupid blindingly obvious question but i really have no idea! Will the answer be obvious if i install Putty?

Yes, very obvious. Install Putty to Windows laptop, run it, log in, type commands in the Putty window.

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You don’t even have to type the commands, you can highlight the whole line of the command in the instructions, right-click it, click “copy”, then right-click in the Putty window to paste, then press enter to execute the command. This also prevents typos.

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Great - thanks for that. I guess i’ve stopped kodi and eventlircd. I copied and and pasted the next line in the instructions into Putty but got “no such file or directory…”

I’m afraid I haven’t come across that. I’m sure someone more familiar with ir-keytable will be able to help you

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I guess i need to install ir-keytable on the device somehow? Is that the idea?

I think it means that your remote receiver was not recognised. Maybe using the wrong DTB? I’m not sure. I’m sure an expert will come along to help you shortly.

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No, you’re probably not typing something correctly.
Here’s an example of what you should see in Putty:

You can select the commands from the forum post, copy it. Right click on Putty window to paste it as-is. Then press enter

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Maybe it’s easier for you to control Kodi from an Kodi remote app from your mobilephone. You can download it in the playstore/Applestore.

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Thanks again for the replies. My mobile is less smart even than i am so no go there!

Here’s what i get when i SHH in Putty!corelec

You have remote.conf?

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Ah yes. He needs to delete remote.conf files.

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