Coreelec HDR Optimizer


I have a Pany 420 and an Epson HC3800 / TW7100. Fork HDR titles, I mainly use my Pany because otherwise the picture is too dark and I have to adjust settings on a per movie basis, or even during the movie.

THe Panasonic HDR Optimizer on the 420 allow me to indicate the max nits my PJ can do, so the picture is OK.

I’ve seen that our friends at OSMC have created a feature for the Vero 4K+ to allow users to indicate the max nits their PJ can do. Is it something that could be feasable for you ?

THxs a lot, here’s the OSMC forum topic about it: Vero 4k+ HDR Optimizer? - #63 by grahamh - Feature Requests - OSMC Forums


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