CoreElec HW monitor

Unfortunately in my install of coreelec, glibc 2.27/28 seems to missing. I’m not sure if that’s the way it should be.

If you follow these steps, you shouldn’t have any problems:

Install Entware and reboot your box.

From ssh type this:
opkg install netdata bash tc coreutils-timeout

Unpack the attached file to /storage/.opt replacing the files. (5.4 KB)

Now you can access the netdata dashboard from http://coreelec_box_ip:19999


Excellent write up @Uukrul :+1:

Excellent! @Uukrul
Entware Package Manager is the nicest thing added to CoreElec @anon88919003


Maybe I am being obtuse this am, but I am unsure whether some specific files or complete directories should overwrite existing directories/files.

Would it be possible to post a couple of commands to ensure the correct procedure is followed?

Thank you.

Here is a little script, which automates the installation: (649 Bytes)

After downloading it with wget, you need to add the execute flag:
chmod +x


Thank you.
That cleared up my confusion.

Also very nice to have a script to do the job without having to decide on paths :slight_smile:

Appreciate the help :wink:

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I’ve modified the System Overview to include the temperature: (55.6 KB)

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very cool. Is it possbile to move the items or you have to do it?

Nice to have temp up there with the rest! :smiley:


If you only want to do a quick hack moving around gauges, edit /storage/.opt/share/netdata/web/index.html (function headMain(os, charts, duration) at pos 1656)

I’ve added it to the install script I posted earlier:

Are your previous changes still included in the last zip you posted?


Yes, they are.

Thank you, it’s a great tool!

If you also want a graph of the CPU frequency, just uncomment “cpufreq = force” in /storage/.opt/etc/netdata/charts.d.conf

Damn, I should have checked that before writing one for the sensors section. At least I prefer it near the temperatures graph so it isn’t time wasted. Here is one image with a comparison for the different governors:

For the S912 cpu the built in tool even recognizes that there are two govenors:

this is excellent…

also, there’s an android client app if you’re interested…


Great, but I need an iOS app:)
There is one but it won’t connect to my server for some reason. Anyone else tried it?

I haven’t installed this to my device, but I did get the ios app, & it wouldn’t connect to any of my servers.

I was expecting a message of some sort, not failed to connect

That’s the same app as for iOS. Icon is same too. But won’t connect for me :tired_face: