coreELEC in a virtual machine

Looking to fiddle around with some addons for coreelec, however my main install is in use 99% of the time as its on the main tv in the house.

Is it possible to run coreelec in a virtual machine on my windows laptop so im not takingover the main tv?



You can use Kodi on Windows or Linux to develop the addon.

CoreELEC is a linux operating system for ARM processors from the manufacturer AMLOGIC. You will never be able to run a CoreELEC virtual machine with an INTEL x86_64 processor. To do this you would need an ARM processor EMULATOR under INTEL x86_64. In the LibreELEC download section you have available a LibreELEC virtual machine that works with INTEL x86_64 processors with different operating systems (Windows, Ubuntu, …).

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