CoreELEC install to SD of internal memory (any speed difference?)

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I never had any issues using CoreELEC on SD card (quite fast SD), works quite well.
Simple question, has anyone noticed any significant speed boost installing CoreELEC to internal storage?

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The boot speed ist significant slower from internal storage when you use the ceemmc tool dual boot mode.
Mine boot from usb3 pendrive in 9 second, that quiet faster than from emmc… (fast half time)
The ceemmc system ist not run quicker als from my CE usb.
I returned to my usb pen, to running CE.
…used my GT-King

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Interesting, I should do a comparison test between USB and SD card, most cheap boxes have USB 2.0, not sure about SD card w/r speeds

Why would boot speed be important at all when it is <10 seconds. Not to mention people have devices always on.

Not all emmc’s are equal.
The emmc on the VIM’s is blisteringly fast, as is the emmc on the Odroid N2 (not quite as fast as the VIM’s). The emmc on the gt-King is pathetically slow for some reason.

It makes a difference when you are scrolling through large lists of media with lots of thumbnails. It also makes a massive difference in boot times and upgrades.
Personally I would always buy with the intention of using fast emmc and would never bother messing with a dual boot since Android is simply worthless on these boxes to me.


For me the main advantage of installing CoreELEC in the internal memory is that it allows you to always connect large capacity USB external storage units without booting into Android mode. CoreELEC in server mode allows you to perform many other tasks (tv server, epg server, tv record server, multimedia server, storage server, tv timeshift for the clients, time server, logger server, VPN server, unattended automatic restart, unattended sync and backup family smartphones, …) and should always be on. For CoreELECs in client mode I think it is a matter of personal tastes to make an internal installation, either in microSD, or in USB flash memory.

Maybe not. I think most of users use not always on mode. For me personnally important the boot speed too. I have NAS and PC. All of my server, run on my nas. I have use CE-boxes as media player. I have Gt-King, and some 912 box too. For me this ceemmc tool, run on internal dual boot, not give any plus, just waste my time. Maybe my eMMC slower, do not know. Sorry, that my personal opinion. I hope there is no problem, when I write my experience. Thank you.

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The goal of the CoreELEC operating system is that it has managed to work very well all kinds of servers in old and new devices, totally silent, very cheap and with ridiculous energy consumption in a 24/7 operation. Using CoreELEC only as a Kodi player is only an alternative to the many Kodi that can be used in almost any operating system.