CoreElec installation on TV Box x96 Max Plus 2GB

Hi there,

Is it possible to install CoreElec in my tv box? 2GB (TV Box x96 Max Plus)

P.S. I did see option for 4GB but no luck with 2GB

Since the devices are similar, if sm1_s905x3_4g_1gbit doesn’t work, maybe try sm1_s905x3_2g_1gbit which works with the X96 Air?

Thanks for that!

The only bad thing is my remote control doesn’t work with CoreELEC …guess no drivers about it?
Same goes for the display as well …it’s blank

Maybe check this out.

Also maybe check the VFD section.

Uploading: remote_2.conf…
remote_2.conf (2.6 KB)
vfd.conf (1.2 KB)

For example, WinSCP soft upload to /storage/.config

remote_2.conf rename remote.conf

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