CoreElec Interface Overscans on LG HDTV

Is there a way to adjust for underscanning from the Core Elec interface on Odroid N2?
The CE interface on my LG HDTV is overscanned and cut off around the edges.

Look at the settings on your TV I can’t remember what the setting is in picture on an LG but your looking for something like full or just scan

In CE settings somewhere is video calibration

You don’t want to use CE to calibrate your screen when it’s not needed. The setting will be in your TV and I’m pretty sure one of the devs will confirm this.

I had the same thing on my LG (3160p interface fit, 1080p interface had overscan) and simply adjusted the interface zoom level to -4% in my case (yours may be different) and everything fits great now. This is in the Interface section and isn’t the same as video calibration as it only applies the zoom to the skin and not anything else.

Thanks. Found an article that mentioned overscanned setting that said to change setting in menu to scan. I had Aspect Ratio set to Set By Program, and when I changed it to Just Scan, the overscanning issue went away. Thanks for the help.