CoreElec/Kodi 19 + C2


Sorry to hear the C2s are not supported from this version on…
I read “Odroid C2 are not active in production anymore”, that was a very narrow opinion
I was a very happy CoreElec user for years…

I guess it’s goodbye

Thanks for everything

You should stay happy CE user on CE 9.2.7 until mainline kernel arrives in CE. Don’t think C2 supports HDR anyway so no biggie.

This situation has been explained many times in the forum you can please look for it. It’s not a decision against anyone and it was not an easy decision. We tried to bring support in 4.9 kernel to older socs like gxl, gxm and gxbb. We had success with one of them, gxl. C2 is still fully working with 3.14 and Leia so it’s not a goodbye for your device, you can use it in various ways. I can assure you that if we could and we had the time and manpower we would support all devices available. But that’s impossible. And personally some of the devices are hard to leave behind like the C2 or the VIM2.
We’re not going anywhere, feel free to hang around and find solutions to any problem you may have.

You have an ancient piece of kit but aren’t prepared to keep it on a version of Kodi which is the only one which actually supports all addons at the moment and all your hardware features. Leia works better than Matrix, but you want Matrix and are to cheap to upgrade to a modern box for the princely sum of €30.00

Its a tragic tale.



@Garcea : I was and still am very happy with Leia
@Vasco : I do not judge or discuss and I understand the fact that those “old” hardware are not supported by the latest versions. Of course I’ll hang, also looking for another hardware
@Shoog : I think you misread my post…

Keep up with the good work :wink:

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