Coreelec lacks the brightness

Greetings dear developers, this is my first request on this forum and if I wrote it not there, then I’m sorry. And now, in essence, I noticed that Coreelec lacks the brightness of the entire system, that is, everything looks very dull and faded, it hurts my eyes very much. notice-the monitor is configured normally. Could you tweak this very brightness-increasing it. I hope to fix the above problem in the next updates. My device is amlogic s905x3 4gb ram

Welcome to the forums Sid.

What is the make/model of your monitor?

When you are streaming content go to the video setting in the osd menu, you then have the option to turn the brightness up or down on all versions of CE.

Stop opening multiple threads.

It is necessary to add rgb color mode or another alternative option to the system settings of Coreelec - not all TVs and monitors are suitable for the only used color mode in the system by default

It’s not necessary enough to annoy with multiple posts.

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