CoreELEC menu not showing with Eminence skin

When I use the skin Eminence within kodi (latest CoreELEC build) I cannot see the CoreELEC settings menu item in settings. Of course when using the default skin I do see this menu item.

Is this something that can be “fixed”?

What does the skin developer say?

I’ve had this before with certain skins, not being able to find some settings. You need to try another skin.
It doesn’t sound like a CE problem.

I did not ask the developer yet.
On LibreELEC I had this menu so I thought why not on CoreELEC?

I can switch to a different skin when I need this menu but I just wanted to check if more people had this problem.

I’m not sure, but you might find it under programs, I seem to remember I had this with MQ8, I then added it to favourites.

It’s indeed under Programs. Thanks!

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